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May 2, 2016
Heart Stone Films and Portico Pictures Video Giveaway
In association with our 2016 internship program Heart Stone Films and Portico Pictures are doing a video giveaway! That’s right, a free video for a business, brand, artist, non profit, etc. Our goal is to provide our intens with a start to finish production experience by allowing them to take the lead on a real film for a real company, brand, or artist. So if you are a one of the above then here is how to apply for the Heart Stone Films and Portico Pictures Video Giveaway: 1) Submit your “story” to us at studio@filmsforlife.com with the subject line: Heart Stone Films and Portico Pictures Video Giveaway 2) In your email tell us your story.… Read the rest
April 27, 2016
pampers | Mother's Day #ThanksBaby
Pampers | Mother’s Day #ThanksBaby
It’s hard to think of a better gift for Mother’s Day then being featured in the Pampers | Mother’s Day #ThanksBaby commercial. A couple weeks ago we got a message about potentially having parts of Elijah’s Birth Story featured in the Mother’s Day commercial for Pampers. The marketing agency who contacted us was going to pitch the idea and our video to Pampers. We really had no clue what the concept of the commercial was, how they would use the footage, or how much of it they would use.… Read the rest
March 9, 2016
Moments That Define A Legacy | Elijah John Wheaton
There are moments that define a legacy in life. Above falling in love, beyond getting engaged, and even greater than getting married, this is that moment for us.… Read the rest
March 4, 2016
Behind the Business at Heart Stone Films | March Goals
Last month was the first post in our Behind the Business look at Heart Stone Films. The goal is to provide some helpful insights and stories about owning and managing a small business including goal setting, resources, pro tips, real struggles and successes and more. I touched on goal setting very briefly in the blog last month and made a short list of what turned out to be some pretty ambitious February goals considering we had a baby Who is in fact laying next to me right now threatening to pee, poop, or cry at any moment.… Read the rest
February 29, 2016
Orangerie Events A Promotional Film by Heart Stone Films
When approaching this promotional film for Orangerie Events, we had a simple mindset: story first. At Heart Stone Films we believe that at the heart of every business is a great story, a gripping “why” or greater purpose  that shapes the way the business operates and serves their clients. For Priscilla, the owner of Orangerie Events, her story started as a little girl. Some people dream of being doctors or lawyers or even more grandiose occupations, but this little girl always dreamed of weddings.… Read the rest