January 5, 2011

2010 :: Explosive + Blessed

What a year! If I had to sum up 2010 in one word I would say: “Explosive” Chris would say: “Blessed”
2010 was the best year we’ve had so far, it was our second year as owners and we feel like we really came into our own.
We had a lot of awesome brides and grooms this year. The wedding season craziness officially kicked off in March and kept going through August with a little down time in September then complete crazy awesomeness in October, a couple in November and finished up in December.
We did the Southern Bridal Show and Expo in April. We normally do a tv on a table with some DVD cases. The morning of move in Chris decided we were scrapping that and bringing our studio set up into our booth. I was hesitant because it was last minute but I agreed and we did it. Well it sure paid off because we won a Best in Show booth award, which was pretty sweet!
We were all over the place this year; Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Garner, Angier, Wake Forest, Wendell and a couple other surrounding cities.
We worked with a lot of incredible vendors this year and made some awesome new friendships. We love working with creative people because it pulls something out of us and makes the day enjoyable.
We didn’t just film weddings in 2010; we branched out into so many areas. Every time we turned around somebody was asking us to film an event or wanting a video of some sort. We got to do some behind the scenes shoots for a magazine. We were excited because we had been talking to each other about wanting to do this, and we are really happy with how they turned out.
In April our good friend Joe Bunn contacted us and wanted to do a promo film. We were so pumped about this one because we really got to do whatever we wanted. We started filming in late April and wrapped the end of June. We released our baby, the film, in December before Christmas and it was so exciting. The collaboration was perfect and we had an absolute blast filming it. We’ve already started storyboarding the next film and can’t wait to start production!
We all love photo booths, I go nuts over them and make Chris go in at every wedding. I have a collage of photo booth strips under the glass on my desk and I love them all! So, in May Chris had an idea to have a video guest booth. I thought it was genius and so cool. So we teamed up with Joe Bunn and built one. We unveiled it at the August Bridal Show and it was a hit. We won “Inspiring new show feature” so that was fun!
In November we went to Cabo to attend the Event Cinema Workshop with Joe Simon and Kevin Shahinian, 2 of the most genius filmmakers around. It was life changing, and a blast, we learned so much and became good friends.
Oh geez, what else?
We ended up doing 52 weddings, events and other projects in 2010, which is crazy and awesome! 2010 was “sports year” we did an NHL player’s wedding, and 2 NBA players weddings. It was so much fun and right up Chris’s alley since he’s an athlete first!
The biggest question we got in 2010 was: “How do you guys work together?” Well, I’ll leave you with this: “love, laughs, hugs and besties” I’m actually going to expound on this and dive deeper into it, so stay tuned for that!
What are we up to next? Well, we are about to launch a total rebrand that we are extremely excited about. Check back in a couple weeks for the new look of Barton Creek!
In closing, 2010 was explosive, we are extremely blessed to do what we love and do it together. 2011 is shaping up to be bigger, better and bright. Wait, what, “Bright” ? Well I honestly just wanted to end with another “B” and that’s what came to mind first! Thank you to all our lovely brides and grooms, all the awesome vendors, our new friends and fans, we love you all and appreciate your support!
Toni + Chris