Weddings with the Wheatons is on Amazon Prime Video!

Weddings with the Wheatons is on Amazon Prime Video!


Our series with Love Stories TV, Weddings With The Wheatons, is now on Amazon Prime Video (it’s like Amazon’s Netflix if you aren’t familiar). Guys, this is all very surreal and we are honestly SO excited! Since we are in the early stages our hope is to get as many views, ratings, and reviews as possible. The more activity on our content the more people Amazon will suggest it to. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Open this link:

2) Watch an episode (I know you’re busy! You can let it play while you do something else!)

3) Leave a review and rate it 5 stars

Doing this just helps Weddings with the Wheatons get recommended to other Amazon Prime Video users that might be interested in our show.

Finally, thank you to all of the amazing support from our families, couples, and colleagues! We are so honored to have you on our team!

xoxoxo Chris and Toni Wheaton


You can read more about the show here