December 24, 2013

A Heart Stone Christmas Tale

Instead of Christmas cards we wanted to do something different this year!
We did what we do best and created a very special Christmas film, this is our way of saying thank you for your support and we wish you a Merry Christmas!

Awwww….. Thank you guys! Merry Christmas to you both from our whole team at LensProToGo!

Thanks Tony!

Just adorable! Hope you 2 penguins have a super holiday season!

Thanks Barbara!

WOW! I’ve intentionally left this sitting in my inbox until I had plenty of time to really watch it. And I’m completely blown away! LoveloveLOVE this! And you guys! MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you both!

(and what is that song? it’s fabulous!)

Aww, thanks Renee! Song is Under that Christmas Spell by Tim Halperin

are you kidding me?!?!? holy crap. awesome!!!

Thanks mr. Koral!!!

Ah! This is perfection and was exactly what I needed this morning 🙂 It put such a smile on my face! Thank you!! LOVED IT! Merry Merry Christmas!!

Thanks Cyn! Glad to brighten your day!

Adorable! I cannot imagine how many hours went into that! and, I just have to ask: are those penguins fondant? ha! ha! Merry Christmas! 🙂

Thanks Cinda! We made the Penguins out of clay not fondant 🙂

Loved it! I bet that was so much fun to make!!

Thanks for watching Ashley! It was a blast to make!

Chris &Toni,
This AMAZING!!!! I just keep playing it over & over!

Ah!!! his is the cutest ever!!! : ) We love y’all!!!

Y’all! This is the best. I agree with Erin, I LOVED the penguin snow angel!?! Thanks for your warm and sweet wishes!! Big holiday hugs!!

Thanks Kristin!! We LOVE the snow angel too 🙂

Love love love. What an awesome video card! Snow ball fight is the best! Thanks

Thanks Ashlee!! Love the snowball fight too 🙂

You guys are so amazing and talented! I thought I was watching “Rudolph” for a minute:)

Thanks Ashley! What an awesome comment!!

SHUT UP that penguin did a snow angel!! I love it!!!

Haha! He sure did! Thank you for watching Erin!!

Penguins are the BEST and you guys make them even better. Merry Christmas <3

My. mind. is. blown. Merry Christmas guys!

JB! Thank you!

Amazing!! You guys did an incredible job. Merry Christmas to all of you!!

Thanks Andrew!! Merry Christmas to you, Courtney, and the little ones!

You guys are amazing, watch your videos non-stop and tell everyone about you! Caras video is so magical, you captured it perfectly… Hopefully you all will do my wedding someday!!!!!!!

Thanks for watching Sahar!

You guys, seriously! This is amazing. Loved every second of the film – such a fun alternative to a “Christmas Card!” Love you guys. Merry Christmas!

Awww! Thanks Nancy Ray! Merry Christmas to you, Will, and WInston!