Cassie & Jacob

A Southern California Wedding | Cassie & Jacob

Cassie & Jacob’s southern California wedding was so special to us. It reminded us so much of our own wedding 10 years ago. The similarities jumped out at us throughout the day and even before that. Cassie and Jacob were the official winners of our 10 year giveaway! From the first time we read their entry (Cassie said that Keeko could come to the wedding if they won) to the first Skype call we felt our hearts connect to them. Their genuine love for each other and their faith touched us deeply and we just knew that we needed to document their story and their wedding day.

This was our first wedding in Southern California, which we were very excited about, and it did not disappoint. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and their venue, The Saddleback Ranch, was perfect. They got married beneath a huge tree with the California hills and golden sunlight in the background. BREATHTAKING! Our favorite moments (there were a lot) are as follows…

  1. They wrote the sweetest cards to each other and read them aloud (both cried)
  2. Jacob’s face. Jacob’s face during the first look and ceremony were precious. The best.
  3. Cassie. Cassie is just amazing. She was glowing and radiating JOY all day and it was tangible.
  4. That gorgeous California sunlight. Their photo session was EPIC.

Ok, that’s all for now. Just enjoy these two and be inspired by their love.

Photographer: Dillon Phommasa 
Planner: Jamie Wolfer


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