June 6, 2012

Adventures with T+C

We are a little behind with our blog posts, but we’ve seriously been all over the place since March hit!
From Raleigh to Kinston, back to Raleigh then to Charleston SC all in a 3 day span, then Lumberton, Winston-Salem and back to Charleston again, and off to Charlotte this weekend, shooting farm weddings, tent weddings, romantic southern weddings, same day edits, commercials, promos, BBQ craziness, and birthday fun…
It’s been an awesome adventure and we have a lot of exciting things in the works and can’t wait to share them with you!
For now enjoy our Instagrams of the past couple months, and head to our Facebook page to see the latest films and Like us if you haven’t already.
New blog posts and films (yes that is plural) coming next week, promise!!!

From our hearts to yours, your fav penguins,

Lumberton Wedding

Charleston Wedding
Charleston Wedding – Dancing under the tree lights and last pic of T being 27 😉

Birthday Love for T in Charleston

Kinston BBQ Festival on the Neuse


ISSE NC – Durham

Winston-Salem Wedding

Charleston – Cool Green Fish Shoot (and some fun too)