Alabama Wedding Film by Heart Stone Films | Ryane + Blake

Alex traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to capture Ryane and Blake’s wedding day. To say that the setting was beautiful is an understatement. The Swann Lake Stables are stunning and provided the perfect backdrop for our favorite moment of their wedding day; their magical first look! Before each wedding, we ask each couple to tell us in their own words, what they love about their future spouse. Ryane and Blake’s words were so beautiful, we wanted to share them as the backdrop for their wedding film. Here is what Ryane had to say about Blake: “I love that everyday Blake unknowingly teaches me about God’s character. I love that he shows me what it means to be humble, to be thoughtful and to love people. He shows me what a consistent faith in Christ looks like. I love that he never questions God’s plan and is always searching for his purposes. I love that he has a faith in God that is unpeneteratable. Blake is kind and caring, he is the most genuine and honest person I have ever met. I love that he doesn’t care what people think, but still cares about people more than anyone I know. I love that he is smart and can figure any problem out. I love the way he smiles, the way he laughs, and the way that he teases me. I love that he doesn’t take life too seriously, but continually makes life’s little moments count. Blake is my best friend, my love, and my partner in crime. He makes life fun and interesting. There is never a dull moment with Blake. I love that he can never get sayings right and always mixes them up (for example: “just sweep it under the bus”).
I love that Blake is literally the most rare and unique person I have ever met (literally he has the most rare personality type: only 1% of the population has his personality type and within that 1%, only 40% are male, so he is a rare breed). Blake has a soft heart that will never stop giving. I know that he will always put my needs in front of his and love me with the same love that Christ poured upon his church. He loves me with a love that cannot be quenched and he makes it his mission everyday to make sure that I never forget how much he loves me. I can only hope to show him that same love and more everyday for the rest of our lives. Forever I will find shelter to be with him.”

And here is what Blake had to say about his beautiful bride Ryane: “Difficult question as there are so many unique and wonderful things and aspects that I love about Ryane. She is so creative and one the of most inclusive people I know. She constantly strives to make people feel at home and genuinely wants to know how people are doing and what they are going through. I love that she has faith in God and pushes me to be a better person every day. I love that she loves me for me and doesn’t necessarily want me to change but accepts me with all my quirks. I love how creative Ryane is and her imagination to make something unique. I love that she is so devoted to me and I know that she will always have my back no matter what happens. She genuinely loves me from the bottom of her heart. I love her smile and her laugh, it’s gets me every time. Ryane is my best friend, I’ve never had a friend that I’ve been closer with. We share all of life’s moments and I can’t wait to share life with Ryane and to grow old with her. I love her from the depths of my heart and she will always have my heart.”

How beautiful us that?! Thank you Ryane and Blake for trusting us to capture your wedding day!

Special thanks to the incredible team that helped make this wedding day possible!
Venue: Swann Lake Stables
Photographer: Eric Kelley
2nd Filmmaker: Ed Ballart
Planner: Augusta Cole
Flowers: Marked
HAMU: Irrelephant
Dress: Anne Barge


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