An Intimate Family Wedding in Beaufort | Jess and Kyle

Jess Ray and Kyle Langdon had the most intimate family wedding in Beaufort, NC.

Their  wedding was special. Special for so many deep and personal reasons.

The first is the place.


“Beaufort is my favorite place in the whole world, its full of memories and family history. Its the most that I feel like home in a physical place. How sweet that we basically get to throw a huge party in my favorite place.”

The second is the people:

Jess and Kyle:

“Our whole community of family and friends will descend on Beaufort, the cutest little harbor town. We will be staying in 6-7 different houses on the same block, many belong to our close friends and the others have been lovingly volunteered by our sweet neighbors.

The whole weekend we will be able to walk to everything, the church, the rehearsal dinner restaurant, all the houses, all centered around our family house, where the reception will take place.

We spent every Easter down and lots of summers in Beaufort growing up and I love the walk from the house to the church down the street, its short and beautiful walk, under the cover of trees, through rows of beautiful old homes. I am so excited for the bridal party to make the walk from the ceremony to the house together.

Its just going to be the biggest party, with all of our very closest people. We can hardly wait.”

The third is faith:

Jess and Kyle were showered with prayer by their friends and family throughout the day. Their ceremony began with a beautiful hymn as Jess walked down the aisle and then everyone joined together in worship before they exchanged their vows. It was absolutely beautiful.

Our favorite moments of the day were the quiet time that Jess and Kyle spent together strolling through the beautiful trees in Beaufort. This day is etched on our hearts and makes us believe in the sacred beauty and power of marriage.

Jess and Kyle, we love you both and are so happy for you!

A pleasure as always working with the team from Nancy Ray Photography   and Lula Hair and Make Up


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