Caitlin & Jonathan

An Intimate Scotland Elopement | Caitlin and Jonathan

Caitlin and Jonathan chose to elope together in the beautiful Isle of Skye Scotland. The thing about Scotland, is the scenery will literally blow your mind, make your jaw drop to the floor, and at the same time almost bring you to tears with its shear beauty. Epic is probably the most appropriate word to describe Scotland, but intimate was definitely the best word to describe Caitlin and Jonathan’s wedding. These two floored us with the outpouring of emotion they showed on their wedding day. It started with their first look on the black coal beach in Dunvegan. From there we headed to the Fairy Glen and met up with their officiant. He was Scottish and dressed in traditional garb and delivered a really special message during the ceremony. The day before their ceremony, they hiked together in the pouring rain to pick the spot this very spot that they wanted to get married.Caitlin and Jonathan stood hand in hand on top of a mountain overlooking the Scottish Highlands while exchanging their handwritten vows and it was just as beautiful as it sounds. They cried. We cried. To document moments like this is why we love our jobs so much. To end what was honestly one of the most memorable of our career, we drove to The Quirang. MY GOSH IT WAS GORGEOUS!! We let Caitlin and Jonathan walk together along the gorgeous cliffs as we captured some final intimate moments from their wedding day (and some CRAZY drone footage) We sincerely hope this sneak peek at their intimate Scotland Elopement gives you a feel for how beautiful Scotland is and how much love this couple shares.
Lastly, a special shoutout to our new friend Dylan Kitchener of the famed Kitcheners. He is a world renowned photographer and we had a blast watching him work creative magic all day long. It was also helpful to have a native Scotsman as our tour guide!


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