May 28, 2013

Angus Barn Wedding | Jonathan + Trish

The Meeting…
They were both cadets at West Point; she was a sophomore and he was a senior. He was the company commander and she lived right next to him. She didn’t think she would like him that much, he seemed to be the total opposite of her. She was a cheerleader and got excited about the extracurricular activities like football games, ‘spirit’ events, and team-building activities. He was on the university’s combat weapons shooting team; shot pistols, rifles, and shotguns competitively, and absolutely hated mandatory spirit events. They started hanging out because they were both sarcastic, and enjoyed giving each other a hard time. She like that he treated her like an equal. They became fast friends, and Trish jokingly invited him to this dance show she’d agreed to help her friend with. It was a goofy little show, but he showed up and heckled her the whole time. Afterwards, they sat together and things felt different. Trish wrote him a note before Christmas break joking that she hoped he didn’t miss her too much while they were gone, and he said he thought about that note the whole break. When they came back to school in January, he got her number before a shooting trip in GA so that she could “remind him to call his brother.” They talked on the phone and texted all weekend. The rest is history…

The Proposal…
Jonathan told Trish he was going to come visit her at Military Police training in Missouri. She thought they should dress up, go out and really make it a date night! He thought that was a great idea. Little did she know she was planning her own engagement! Trish made reservations at an incredible restaurant in St. Louis that was at the top of a building and spun around. They got tickets to a Cardinals game and decided to make it a weekend in St. Louis. The actual night Jonathan proposed, there were a series of unfortunate events that kept him from asking earlier. He wanted to ask when they had the waiter to take a picture of them during dinner, but the waiter moved Jonathan to the other side of the table. He wanted to ask when they decided to walk to the Arch after dinner, but it was FREEZING cold so they decided to call it a night instead. After heading back to the hotel, they went upstairs and he gave her a hug. He asked her if she loved him, which she thought was weird, because they’re not the kind of couple to ask each other that. She said, “of course!” He asked her if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She laughed and said, “of course I do!” Then he got down on one knee and asked. Through all Jonathan’s careful planning and ideas to make it an extravagant proposal, he ended up asking her when they were hanging out in his hotel room, about to watch TV. It was perfect. Trish started happily crying and hugging Jonathan. She didn’t even look at the ring until he asked her to take it because it was worth a small car and not insured yet. He checked to make sure she was actually crying from happiness, and then they called their families.

The Details…
Besides being an absolutely beautiful place to hold what was originally going to be a November wedding, Jonathan and Trish thought that the Angus Barn Pavilions were perfect! The mix of formal and informal was a great representation of who they are as a couple. Jon and Trish are laid-back people, who enjoy the outdoors – camping, hiking, and nature – they even registered at REI! They value tradition and elegance, and wanted to provide a great location where their many different generations of family and friends could all have a great time. The Angus Barn does a great job of keeping things fun for the guests, with their s’mores pit, the giant fireplace, and warm atmosphere.  Not to mention, the food is amazing! Jon and Trish had always been told that the key to having a great wedding is to have great food and great music (and maybe an open bar too!). You definitely get that with the Angus Barn. Even when they had to move the wedding to March because of a last minute deployment to Afghanistan, they wanted to keep the venue because it just felt right.

“My husband and I were both in happy tears as we relived our favorite events from the day, watched them from a perspective we didn’t get to see at the wedding, watched our family and friends have a wonderful time, and watched our love story told in an INCREDIBLE, beautiful, personal way.”            …Trish, Bride

The Crew…
Reception | The Angus Barn Pavilions
Event Planner | Priscilla Erwin of Orangerie Events
Photographer | Perry Vaile Photography
Cinematographer | Heart Stone Films
Florist | Brides and Bouquets
Cake | Artylicious Cakes
DJ | Joe Bunn DJ Company

out of 5.0
Quality of Service: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Responsiveness: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Professionalism: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Value: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Flexibility: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
The day of the wedding, they were low-key, friendly, kind, and helpful. They worked well with our photographers and wedding planner, and all the other vendors too. They were a joy to work with! We were so excited to see their work. Chris and Toni are such professionals, in tune with the couple and their family, and so talented. We’re so very happy it worked out and we were able to work with them on our wedding day, and we cannot thank them enough for allowing Jon’s grandparents to enjoy the special qualities of our day as well. Definitely recommend to anyone!