March 4, 2016

Behind the Business at Heart Stone Films | March Goals

Last month was the first post in our Behind the Business look at Heart Stone Films. The goal is to provide some helpful insights and stories about owning and managing a small business including goal setting, resources, pro tips, real struggles and successes and more. I touched on goal setting very briefly in the blog last month and made a short list of what turned out to be some pretty ambitious February goals considering we had a baby 🙂 Who is in fact laying next to me right now threatening to pee, poop, or cry at any moment. So before that happens let’s take a look at last month’s goals and how I did:

February 2016 Goals:

-Read How to Win Friends and Influence people by Dale Carnegie (made it about 2/3 through, but this book is amazing and a must read for any business owner who likes having friends too)
-Book 5 weddings (Yes! booked 6 weddings!) 
-Book 2 commercial clients (Yes again! Booked 4 Commercial jobs) 
-Write 4 blog posts, 1 per week ( 1/2 way there wrote 2 new blogs)
-Set a date for our first team training retreat (Did it! Team training retreat is happening 3/14 with dinner at the Angus Barn to follow) 

-Welcome our baby boy into the world! (did it, by far the best accomplished goal on the list) 
-Spend 1 month with very limited access to work (did it! this was 2nd best. I took a whole month off social media and limited access to email. I recommend this to all business owners, it is so refreshing, and you realize that you aren’t missing much on social media) 
-Go on a date night out with my wife! (did it! Bida Manda to be exact and it was delicious and romantic, hand holding and kissing included 🙂 
-Implement the BabyWise approach for our little one (doing it! this has been so helpful to us in managing life with a newborn. Elijah is 7 weeks old and is sleeping 6 hour stretches at night and has a solid feed, wake, sleep schedule. BabyWise is a great resource not only for sleep training but establishing healthy habits for parents and baby!) 
-Change my 100th diaper 🙂 (did it! full disclosure, it wasn’t pretty though. I’ve had my hand peed and pooped on and somehow my foot as well. Somehow it’s not as gross when it’s your own cute kid though) 


Not to bad right? My biggest takeaway was underestimating the total life changing effect of my favorite little man Elijah J. My morning, afternoon, and evening routines have been totally interrupted and finding time to put in the work is difficult but it is SO worth it! Little ones have this way of motivating you and bringing the best out of you personally and professionally. So let’s take a look at goals for March!


March 2016 Goals


-Have a successful team training day and outing
-Complete pre production and production on 4 commercial projects (stay tuned on instagram!)
-Book 4 new weddings
-Book 3 new commercial jobs
-Finish Portico website refresh
-Blog 4 times
-Introduce our awesome team to the world


-Finish reading How to Win Friends
-Start reading Traction and aim to finish it!
-Exercise 4 times a week (I have to pause and say I can’t believe I am typing this because I have no trouble working out everyday, but remember that new buddy of ours Elijah J?, yea he doesn’t care so much about my morning workouts so I have to find some extra time to get those done now)
-Take my beautiful wife out on a date, convince her that we should see a movie too 😉

That’s it friends! Those are the goals for March! I would love to hear from you on what your goals are for this month and any tips you have to help me reach mine! As a side note, I will say that one of my unspoken/unwritten goals was to consistently post and share these monthly goals blogs. So far so good! Thank you for reading!