February 17, 2014

Behind The Scenes :: An inside look at our animated Valentine’s Day Film

This was the second installment in our series of short films about two little penguins in love 🙂  In this video we see that our leading man has planned a romantic stroll under the moonlight with his special lady. What she doesn’t know is that, he has a bigger plan in store. Their stroll leads them to a “drive-in” or “waddle-in” movie theater that displays a cute video message for his Valentine. We bring these little penguins to life using stop motion, so the finished product you see is a few hundred or thousand photos brought together to create movement in their otherwise still world. Everything in the set is handmade and we spend a good 20-30 hours planning and building each miniature set so that it will come alive onscreen. One of the biggest challenges in these projects is PATIENCE! It is a tedious and time consuming task to move every element of the set/scene a fraction of an inch at a time. In the end these, short films are some of the most fun, creative, and rewarding projects we work on and we hope that they put a smile on your face every time you watch! Here are some behind the scenes photos of what the full set actually looks like: