BEST PROPOSAL EVER – A Surprise Proposal with an ALPACA!!

BEST PROPOSAL EVER – A Surprise Proposal with an ALPACA!!

IS THIS THE BEST SURPRISE PROPOSAL EVER??? Any animal lovers out there? Any romantics out there? If that’s a yes, then you are in the right place!

  1. If you love animals, that means you LOVE animals. And, this video contains a very cute Alpaca named Magic. Yes, Magic. Just let that sink in for a few minutes.
  2. If you are a romantic, that means you LOVE proposals, and weddings, and really cute stories about both of those things. This is a really cute story about a boy proposing to his favorite girl with a gorgeous ring and her favorite animal. All of this, a total surprise!

The Story

Addair (amazing name right?) was our model for a lovely styled shoot at The Highgrove Estate. She was modeling some beautiful wedding dresses, holding gorgeous floral bouquets, and just basically living a romantic girl’s dream. What she didn’t know, was that this day would turn out to be her dream turned reality. During our time with Addair, she told us in casual conversation how much she loves/is borderline obsessed with Alpacas. At this point she literally has NO IDEA that in a couple hours her BF Austin is going to show up, looking dapper, with a DIAMOND Ring, and a special animal by his side. As our shoot is wrapping up, we have one more scene at sunset by the lake, Addair is posing for what she thinks is our last shots of the day then the best proposal ever happened……


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