Brier Creek Country Club Wedding | Kristen + Brian

The Meeting…
They met each other on on 4/9/2011. Kristen reached out to Brian first and 2 days later they went to dinner at Twisted Fork for their first date.

The Proposal…
They had already made several wedding plans by the time Kristen’s custom engagement ring was ready. Brian wanted to have the ring before he proposed, their wedding date had already been set for 5/25/2013 and on 5/24/2012 Brian found out that the ring would be ready to be picked up the next day. Brian went to the jewelry store and waited until the ring arrived. He then hurried home to pack the car so everything would be ready when Kristen got home from work since they were going to Charleston for Memorial day weekend. They drove down to Charleston and stopped at the hotel first then headed out to try to find something to eat. Brian was driving through downtown Charleston and decided to hijack the GPS and was looking for battery park. When they arrived at Battery Park Brian asked if Kristen would like to go to the waterfront or the gazebo first. Since it was getting dark Kristen said the gazebo. Once they got to the gazebo Brian noticed there was something written on the ceiling and asked Kristen to take a photo. When she turned back around he was on one knee with the ring box open and asked her to marry him. She had been looking forward to this day for so long and had always officially wanted a year to plan a wedding and Brian knew that. The ring had been a long and difficult process and little did she know that exactly one year before their wedding day the ring would come in and Brian would be on his knee proposing. Kristen likes to plan everything out, but Brian had made a point that the proposal was going to be a surprise. He had always said that he would make her cry in front of people she knew. Which he accomplished. She cried in front of him.
“Hi Chris and Toni, WOW!!!!  Words cannot express how I felt while watching that video!  The hightlight video is everything I ever imagined it could be so I am so excited to see everything else once it’s ready. Watching this brought back so many wonderful memories and I actually cried again during the vows. haha. I can’t wait to get home to watch this with Brian (I’m headed home now so I’ll make him wait till I get there). 🙂 You guys were amazing that day and thank you so much for capturing all of the wonderful memories of our special day!”…Kristen, Bride 


Ceremony & Reception Venue | Brier Creek Country Club
Photographer | Photography by Walters & Walters, Beth
Florist | Fresh Affairs
Cake Artist | Ashley Cakes
DJ | Randy Bennett, Joe Bunn DJ Company
Hair/Make up Artist | Ginger Mullins
Rentals | CE Rentals


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