July 26, 2011

Brownies + Penguin Surprises

Last week Chris and I were at home in our bonus room watching tv and I quickly fell asleep, when I woke up I looked over at Chris and he was on the iPad, so I asked him what he was doing, he got a real secretive look on his face and said “shhh, you aren’t supposed to be awake yet, i’m getting a surprise for you”. I immediately wanted to know what it was but quickly forgot due to my sudden craving for brownies. So we ran to the store at 8:30pm and I got Duncan Hines Decadent Milk Chocolate Chunk brownie mix, we went home and made them and 45 minutes later I was in a fantastic chocolate coma! So I had forgotten about this surprise. Yesterday afternoon Chris and I happened to be the only ones in the office and the mailman came so Chris went to out to get the mail and I followed (what a shock) we sorted through the mail, he got to one special package and his face lit up, then I suddenly remembered my surprise. He handed it to me and said go open it, so I ran inside while wondering what is this? I think I thought it was some sort of replica of our logo but I can’t remember what my guess was. All I know is I opened the box and there was the cutest penguin charm necklace, my eyes immediately filled with tears, Chris was standing right there smiling, I did a little dance and started screaming! He put it on me and said I was thinking this could be your new everyday one, like that one silver Bvlgari necklace you used to wear all the time. How precious is he?! Those were my exact thoughts and yes, I am wearing it today!