August 14, 2013

Carolina Inn Wedding | Emily + Robert

The Meeting…
She first met Robert through mutual friends in Manhattan Beach CA back in May 2007. It was a chance meeting at a Memorial Day party. It wasn’t until September 15, 2007, when persuaded to a night on the town with some of the same friends, that Robert and Emily started dating and they’ve been together ever since.

The Proposal…
Robert coached high school football for several years. Having been an athlete himself, when Robert coached, he not only taught but demonstrated. While demonstrating a drill to his players at practice on Friday August 13, 2010 (yes, that’s Friday the 13th), Robert completely tore his achilles tendon. A few weeks later, he underwent surgery, leaving his left leg in a cast and him on cruches 6 weeks…
Labor Day Weekend, Sunday Sept 5th (2010). Robert and Emily were spending Labor Day weekend at her parents’ house in Smithfield NC. After a nice little BBQ at Grandma’s house, they were heading out, Robert was walking around the side of the house, on his crutches. He had been on his crutches for 3 weeks now and he was getting both tired of them and his cast. Emily asked him what he was doing and he said he was ” just checking out the pond”. As she turned to get in the car, Robert said “I forgot my cell phone in the house, could you get it for me?”
After a few minutes of searching with no luck, she headed out the front door, and saw Robert in the middle of the driveway, far from the car, without his CRUTCHES! He was on his knees and bending over. She panicked and headed towards him, and right when she reached him, he popped up to one knee and she saw that beautiful little box! After that, neither of them could really remember what he said. Immediately after he placed the ring on her finger, she popped up and started dancing!


Ceremony + Reception Venue | The Carolina Inn
Event Planner | Melissa Lennox, Erin McLean Events
Cinematographer | Chris + Toni Wheaton, Heart Stone Films
Photographer | Ken Tart Photography
Florist | Kelly Odom
Cake Artist | Sugarland
DJ | Spin, Ryan Pflumm
Hair/Make up Artist | Make Up For The Day, Jennifer and Shannon
Brides Dress | White Collection by Vera Wang
Grooms Attire | VIP Formalwear
Invitations | The Green Kangaroo
Rentals | CE Rentals
Ceremony musicians | String trio from Musica