June 13, 2012

Chapel Hill Wedding Film | Diana + Brian

♥ I Carry Your Heart

The Meeting…
He was a college baseball player in a summer league in Cape Cod. He got released and was sent to North Carolina to another team. His host family introduced him to her at one of his games. The host family had a feeling that he and she would get along well but they were both interested in other people at the time. Two years later when he was playing baseball in the Seattle Mariner organization he contacted her when he was in the area playing. They failed to hang out, however, on a whim she decided to surprise him at the airport on his last day on the East Coast. They talked for hours and decided that she needed to visit him in San Anotnio. After their first weekend hanging out together, they knew that they would be together forever. They are both each others first love and have only said “I love you” to each other.

The Proposal…
Since they instantly felt a comfort that you can only feel with a best friend, the actual act of getting engaged was not a shock, however, the way he asked did shock her. She is obsessed with all things love and has read over and over again sweet proposal after sweet proposal and so the poor guy constantly had to hear about “dream proposals.” She is also a reporter, meaning that by nature she is sneaky and can find out anything about anyone, so he was very scared that she would find out how and when he was planning to do it. She had asked him very early on that if he were to ever propose to not do it at a restaurant because she didn’t want to make a scene. Well he says he decided right then and there that that he WAS going to ask her at a restaurant so that she would never suspect it. On News Years Eve, and their two year anniversary, in a quaint restaurant in his hometown, he waited for all of the other restaurant guest but one couple to exit the restaurant and made a new years toast that was supposed to end in a proposal….but he got too nervous. After a moment of collecting his nerves…he abruptly told her that he had another toast and got down on a knee and asked her to marry him. She immediately joined him on her knees and they cried and hugged in front of everyone at the restaurant just like she never wanted to do, however, she admitted that she was suprised and she was glad he thought his propsoal was so sneaky. 

The Details…
It was a true Tar Heel affair, Diana dreamed of going to UNC her whole life and becoming a Tar Heel, she never considered having her wedding anywhere else besides the place that means more to her than anywhere else. The wedding centered around the incredible love that Diana and Brian share for each other and their families. Diana’s bouquet was wrapped in pieces of her mothers wedding dress, she wore her grandmothers pearls and her other grandmothers garter. Diana’s grandmother read their favorite poem in the ceremony that she used to recite to her on the phone when they were far from one another .
Brian is very proud of his Texas roots had a Texas grooms cake. They mixed traditional with modern by reciting traditional vows and also read letters that they wrote for each other.

Love Letters…
“I just love the video!! What a wonderful day and now I get to enjoy the day again and again!!! Thank you!!!”…Caryl, MOB

“We love it!!! My parents are actually visiting and we all are in tears!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful, perfect film! Thanks soooo much again!!!’ can’t wait to share with friends and family!!!”…Diana

“Diana + Brian, where to start…I remember receiving your first inquiry and we both decided that we were doing your wedding no matter what it took, the passion you have for life and each other is contagious and we wanted to be a part of your story. You both are the exact reflection of everything we are about and believe in and have based our company on. We can’t thank you enough for choosing us to capture your story. There were so many emotional and powerful moments throughout the day that moved us to our core. We wish you the absolute best in your life together and look forward to great things for you both in the future!”…Toni + Chris

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Carolina Club
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Event Planner | Caryl Holoman, MOB

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There are no words to describe the beautiful wedding film that Toni and Chris were able to create for us. It is more than just a film of the day, but instead a wonderful love story that involves family, friends and every aspect of your special day. The best thing about this company is that they are a couple of love birds themselves. With that being said, they know what a couple wants when they hire a videographer and they are very understanding and open to your ideas on making the video special. I have seen hundreds (yes, hundreds) of wedding videos when trying to make the decision on whether or not to hire a videographer and there is NO company that provides the quality of service as Heart Stone Films. I do not know how many people contacted me just raving about the wonderful film and how it “looked like a real movie you would see in a movie theater.” Heart Stone is very much a part of your day and follows you throughout the day, however, amazingly they are very much hidden. They do not ask you for interviews, sound clips or try to make things happen, they simply are there to capture all of the candid awesome moments of your special day. I cannot say enough about this company and would be confident enough to assure anyone interested in a wedding video that they will not be sorry that they made this investment, as it truly will be a keepsake treasure that we will look back on for years and years to come. -Diana