Charlotte North Carolina Wedding

Beautiful Tented Wedding in Charlotte North Carolina

Rose & Jason got married in Charlotte, North Carolina and had a gorgeous tented reception!! We had such a blast capturing this wedding and celebrating with these two! This one is so much fun and also so very sentimental, so grab a cookie and a tissue as you watch these two say I do!
These two have a classic how they met story…She decided to venture out on a weeknight with a friend, ended up at a basement karaoke spot, where he was with a group of friends, he went up to her and said; “Hey…I like your flannel.” The rest was history!
I have to quote Rose here on the meaning of the beautiful purple roses, which moved me to tears, throughout this special day you could feel the sweet presence of her dad all around;
“The purple roses are symbolic because the night before my dad died, he was in and out of a coma state and he came out of his state and saw purple roses besides me and he goes “purple roses pretty like my wossy” and he went back to sleep. after he died, purple roses started to show up everywhere for me so this is how I want to honor him and his memory is with the theme of purple roses.”

Rose and Jason’s Charlotte, North Carolina Wedding dream team:

Ivy Robinson knocked it out of the park again!! 📷 Allison Kuhn

❤️amaze crew: CE Rental Atheneum Creative LINDSEY REGAN THORNE “b e p r e t t y” John C. Lupton Party Reflections, IncParty Reflections, Inc Party Tables Linen Rentals @ateamconcepts Carolina Reclaimed Eye Dialogue Sol Fusion Band Bob PetersLindsey Regan Thorne Elisabeth Rose


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