November 5, 2016

Christmas At The Angus Barn

Christmas at the Angus Barn is a magical experience! Endearing, memorable, and full of tradition. When you come to the Angus Barn for a holiday dinner, you truly walk away with a very special warm holiday feel that is embodied in all of the Christmas décor and lights to the smells and hospitality that you receive while you are celebrating with your family and friends. Christmas at The Angus Barn feels like home, so we incorporated some special details about the film. One of our newest team members, Katelyn Read, and her family are the talent featured in the commercial. In addition to acting in the commercial, Katelyn also recorded this original version of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” as the soundtrack. The ideas of making memories, creating traditions, and carrying on old traditions inspired us to put our own spin on the Christmas classic, I’ll Be Home For Christmas and Katelyn’s version is absolutely perfect for this commercial. Our team worked together to pull this off in just a couple weeks! To create the story, find the talent, and the score in that timeframe is a small Christmas miracle in and of itself! Alex was the AD on the film and she worked with the talent, Meredith was our producer and oversaw the shot list and script during the shoot, Jonathan was our PA and Chris was Director/DP. We are so happy with the team effort it took to pull this off and we hope you enjoy the film!

Shot on Location at The Angus Barn
Song performed by Katelyn Read
Song Engineered and Produced by Jess Ray


Merry Christmas!


And enjoy some fun facts about Christmas at The Angus Barn.


▪ The decorating starts Nov. 1 and continues until Thanksgiving. Between 15 and 20 employees work until about 4 p.m. each weekday putting up the decorations.

▪ There are 30,000 lights on the main 20-foot-tree in the Angus Barn’s gun room, which takes its name from the antique gun collection on display in the room.

▪ Each year has a theme. This year’s theme is trains, and a toy train and tracks have been installed in the gun room and run around the tree.

▪ Each night, between two and four children – offspring of Angus Barn employees – dress up as elves and have their photos taken with the children enjoying dinner. One year, the children had a perch nestled in the 20-foot Christmas tree. This year, two of the children will be dressed as train conductors.

▪ All the trees used to be fresh and sprayed with a fire retardant, but the restaurant’s fireplaces were drying the trees out too quickly. It got so bad one year that they had to replace the large tree in the lobby by mid-December because the needles were falling off. Now they only use artificial trees.

▪ There’s a children’s corner under the stairs leading to the Wild Turkey lounge. It has a toy chest filled with toys, and each child can take home one toy.

▪ There’s even a small tree in the kitchen, decorated pink and named after the late Betty Shugart, the Angus Barn kitchen manager who worked there for more than 50 years.

▪ In the off season, the decorations take up a third of a 6,000-square-foot storage area.