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The theme for the fashion shoot was “Contrast in Couture”. This is one of our favorite shoots of the year, we love working with models in amazing locations and this was the most amazing location that we’ve shot at. We wanted to create a high end, couture piece that would show the contrast of the beautiful gowns against the old, run down building, while taking advantage of the natural light and the different backdrops. This location is an old water treatment plant, it reminded me of an old train station and it was so much fun to work in such an inspiring place. It was by no means clean or all that safe in places, our shoes didn’t survive the dust that was caked on by the end of the day, but it was well worth it!

Chris cranking the generator!

Jib set up for the first scene

Weddings Magazine: Robyn Mangrum and Maureen Powell
Photographer: James Walters, Walters and Walters
Shot on Location: Empire Properties
Gowns from: Traditions by Anna
Jewelry + accessories: Elisabeth Newton and Oh So Curio
Hats: Two Back Flats
Parasols: Pamela’s Parasols
Hair + makeup: Sophie Wilson
Model: Holly Finley, Directions USA
Film: Chris + Toni, Heart Stone Films