June 29, 2011

Darmika72 + carolinacamron ~ remember how we met…

One of the first questions we ask our couples is how they met. We love “love” and being creative, the combination of the two allows us to take elements from our couples entire relationship, build and develop a concept, and capture the story of the couple that goes beyond the ordinary interview love story of how they met. We spent a lot of time gathering information and prepping for this story. Jenn and Cameron met a UNC Chapel Hill, and most of their relationship revolved around UNC. They spent many nights on AOL instant messenger chatting, so it was perfect for them to tell their story through a chat. Every place that we visited was the actual place where the memory took place and held a deep meaning to the both of them. Jenn and Cameron often sit next to each other on their couch with their own laptop to study, so we took that element and had them sit across from each other at the same table during the entire AOL chat without the viewer knowing. Cameron proposed to Jenn in Beaufort, he had gone to all of the places on campus that held a special memory to them and took a picture, many of which we also visited with them in the film. He then put all the pictures in a frame and left an empty spot in the middle of the frame for the final picture; for his proposal, Cameron set a camera on a timer to take a picture right when he proposed, that picture is now in the middle of the frame. We wanted to incorporate that important element into their story; at the end of the film you see the camera counting down and the final picture reveals Jenn and Cameron sitting at the same table with their laptops, if you look closely you will see the frame that Cameron made for Jenn on the wall above the table that they are sitting at.