Elevate: The Making of a Dance Performance | Official Trailer

ELEVATE is a Raleigh-based performance and production company that provides talent and entertainment for social, corporate, and special events as well as choreography and classes to dance teams and individuals. We only work with trained and experienced dancers that can provide innovative performances. Owners, Amy Bates and Valerie Curran, have over 15 years experience in performing, choreographing and directing.

We had the privilege of meeting Amy and Valerie, owners of Elevate, this past year. We quickly became friends and talked all things dance; being a former dancer myself, we had a lot in common and a lot to talk about! This whole thing came about at a meeting back in April. I sat next to Amy and we got to chatting and she said she wanted a documentary of the making of a dance performance. As she was talking and pitching the idea to me, I was nodding yes, but at the same time I kind of immediately went off into an inspirational daydream…I was picturing the entire thing, the way I wanted to shoot it, the exact shots I wanted, how I was going to lay it out, the settings I wanted, the lighting, etc. I came back to the conversation and simply said, “done, let’s do this” I didn’t need much convincing, I got every word she said and immediately saw it in my head. This was kind of my whole venture and of course Chris came along for the ride, (I couldn’t have done it without him)! I will go into more detail when the Feature Length Documentary releases in January! For now enjoy the Trailer!

From Amy…
Email #1 ::”Well………..I just tried to call what I guess is your office.  But its probably best you didn’t answer because you may not have been able to understand anything I said.  I’m so thrilled with it!!!  Its AMAZING!!!  You’ve brought me to tears.  Its exactly what I wanted.  Its perfect.  Its beyond perfect!!!! Thank you so much!!!  Wow.  Love, love, love everything about it!!”
Email #2 :: “I think I’ve just about worn out my laptop watching this. It really is perfect.  I’m so pleased with it and so excited about it!!!!  I can’t say THANK YOU enough!!!”
Email #3 :: “I’ve watched this trailer at least 80-100 times and I STILL tear up!!!  It is exactly what I had hoped it would be. We are honored you did this for us!!!”  

From Valerie…
“OMG!  this is AMAZING!!!  i just watched it 800 times!  I cannot wait to show our dancers!  They are going to DIE!!!  I LOVE IT!  You guys are so talented and so creative.  We love you! Thank you for this.  It just made my day!!”

  • Toni, Chris, I totally DIG this. I have done a little work for dance performances in the past and this was really unique and special to be able to work with the dancers so closely. It really is a beautiful art form and you guys captured it for exactly what it should be. Well done and I look forward to future films for this particular organization.

    • Chris & Toni said:

      Thanks Jeff, we appreciate the compliments ;) This was an awesome project, one of our favorites of 2011, we had a blast working with them and totally fell in love with them! They are incredibly talented!