January 13, 2011

Emily + Kyle :: Wedding Highlight

**For best viewing turn HD off and press play and then pause immediately to let video fully load**

We met Emily and Kyle a while back and instantly clicked. Their wedding was in July at Jones Chapel and the History Museum in downtown Raleigh. We arrived to Jones Chapel on their wedding day to start filming some bridal prep and it was such a peaceful and excited atmosphere. It was a little bit rainy so we didn’t get to do too much outside before the ceremony. Emily and Kyle exchanged gifts before the ceremony and it was adorable! She was so excited as was Kyle. The ceremony was beautiful, they played a special recording of Kyle’s grandfather, who is no longer with them, giving a sermon several years ago, we were so excited to be able to include that in their video since it was so meaningful to them. Jones Chapel is a bit tricky because there’s 2 aisles and no outside aisles, so I got up pretty close during the ceremony and had to sit on my knees, I made it pretty good until the end of the rings then I could no longer feel my legs and I couldn’t really move because I was right in the middle of people, so I toughed it out and made it! I headed to the reception and Chris stayed to capture the photo session, well for those of you who know downtown Raleigh, parking isn’t easy. I parked as close as I could to the museum which wasn’t that close, I had to carry all the equipment in and I was determined to do it all in one trip. So I strapped as much to me as I could and loaded things on top of the other and picked it all up and made a bee line for the door. I can’t believe I made it without a scratch but I did and I was proud of myself, but this isn’t something I will make a habit of! Chris didn’t believe me when I told him what I did. The reception went great, the dances were perfect and we had a lot of time with Kyle and Emily outside since it stopped raining and it was great. We got to work with one of my fab photog buddies, Stacy with Swank Photo Studios. I really enjoyed working at the museum, it was big/open and really pretty. My dad texted me and asked if I learned anything since I was at the history museum, well I learned that I hate parking in downtown Raleigh. Anyways, we are really happy with Emily and Kyle’s film. They are so adorable together and we had a great time capturing their day!