Event Cinema Workshop | Chicago

We had the opportunity to go to Chicago for the Event Cinema Workshop and spend two days with Kevin ShahinianJoe Simon, and Patrick Moreau held at Zacuto’s Headquarters. It was a blast and we took away so much from it! We first met Kevin and Joe at the workshop almost a year ago in Cabo San Lucas and we were very excited to have the chance to do it again and this time with the added bonus of Patrick. We want to thank them for putting on the “what inspires your cinema” short film contest beforehand in which we entered our short film; “inspired by us” and won a seat to this awesome workshop! These guys are truly an inspiration to us and incredibly talented, and it’s an honor to learn from them!
We had an added bonus in this workshop…We all got split into 3 groups and were presented with a challenge: to write, direct, produce and shoot a short film. The theme was “Time” and we had to create a 30-60 second film. The first day we came up with our concept and the second day we had a few hours to shoot it. It was incredibly fun and a great learning experience. Kevin, Joe, and Patrick were each overseeing a team. Chris was the DP on Joe’s team and Toni was the director on Kevin’s team. Check out the final films on Stillmotion’s blog. What an awesome experience, we had a blast meeting new talented people and working with everybody! Thank you Pacific, Jose and P, we truly heart you!!
Below are some great behind the scenes pictures…

Chris’s team, thanks to At First Sight for the pictures…

Toni’s team…


Look at Mark. Such talent. Chris and Joe really know how to throw down. Awesome post guys!

lol too funny! such an awesome experience! Loved meeting you guys and look forward to seeing you again soon!


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