French Inspired Virginia Beach Wedding by Heart Stone Films

Lauren and Emmanuel’s French Inspired Wedding took place in Lauren’s hometown of Virginia Beach. Traveling for weddings is a lot of fun for us. We are creatively inspired by new people and new locations. But, more importantly we love to travel to places that have significant meaning to the couple and their family. Lauren’s childhood home was the backdrop for our favorite moment of the wedding day, their first look. Of course our romantic minds think about how incredible it is that on the same driveway that Lauren probably rode her first bike and drove her first car, she shared her first moment with her very soon to be husband. These small details are never lost on us and we know that they are all part of the bigger story we are trying to tell on a wedding day. Lauren’s dad gave a poignant toast at the reception and we thought it so perfectly captured the journey of marriage that lies ahead for Lauren and Emmanuel: “Life can’t give you joy and peace it’s up to you to will it. Life just gives you time and space, it’s up to you to fill it” Beautiful words of wisdom given by Lauren’s dad. The details of Lauren and Emmanuel’s romantic wedding film were inspired by Lauren’s love of French antiques, Versailles, and Marie Antoinette and were beautifully incorporated by the team at Rebecca Rose Events.


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