The White Space

February 7, 2017

Welcome to The White Space! The process of creativity and storytelling in the visual form requires an inspiring environment. When looking at your options for studios in North Carolina, Portico Pictures offers a full-service 1,500 sq. ft. studio available for rent that should be at the top of the list.

The White Space provides a large open space for you to use in a way that brings your project to life, as well as ideal lighting conditions, our studio to rival all North Carolina studios is the blank canvas or clear slate your project deserves. We use white as the background with natural earthy tones throughout the communal areas to create an atmosphere that is conducive to the creative process.

The White Space is not only open, but also bright, which is impactful when capturing images in photography or film. Our favorite feature of our beautiful studio is our 12-foot windowed garage door, flooding the space with natural light. Since we understand that most creative endeavors turn into an all-day affair (or multiple days), we have a coffee/refreshment area to stay relaxed, energized, and focused throughout the shoot. We also have a conference room where you can bring your team together to agree upon the vision and end result, as well as further conceptualize the idea you are working on.

The White Space studio is available for Full Day, Half Day, and Hourly Rental to accommodate the needs of your current project.


5 C Stands
10 Light Stands
12 x 10 Paper Backdrops
Arri 3 Light Continuous Lighting Kit
Matthews 4×4 Diffusion Kit
Matthews 4×4 Flags
Matthews Road Rags Kit
2 Lowel Riffa Lights
4 ft Camera Dolly