Hawkesdene House Wedding | Alissa + Kyle

The Meeting…
They were both in their friends’ wedding. She was the maid of honor and he was a groomsman. He arrived early from Savannah to get ready for the wedding in south Florida where she lived at the time. She went up to see them the night they got in and they all had dinner and played board games. Everyone else went to bed and the two of them stayed up until the early morning talking.
The proposal…
They actually designed the ring right before he left for a 2 1/2 month deployment. She couldn’t wait to actually get the ring so she started planning the wedding before he even had the chance to ask her dad’s permission. He decided to skype her dad from Afghanistan and ask for her hand in marriage. When he got home the ring still wasn’t ready (or so she thought). They went down to visit her family in south Florida for Memorial Day and brought their friends from Savannah. They had a big BBQ one night and had a bunch of friends over and he surprised her and proposed in front of everyone.
The Details…
They really wanted to find a venue where everyone could stay together and eat together and everything would be taken care of. They wanted to spend more than just one evening celebrating their wedding and the Hawkesdene House seemed like the perfect place to have a little vacation with all the people who are closest to them. All the guests were very important to Alissa + Kyle. They took their immediate families and who would have been their wedding party if they had a big wedding and only invited them.
“You guys are amazing! The video is beautiful and captured everything so well. My family up here will all be in tears for sure.”…Alissa, Bride 
Venue | Hawkesdene House
Photographer | Neal Urban
Cake | Tiffany’s Baking Co.

This wedding was spectacular from start to finish!! I did not want to go home!! The video really captures the love between my bother and new sister Alissa… I have cried every time I have watched it!! (Probably close to 12 times now!!)


Thanks for watching! Alissa + Kyle’s wedding was incredible and we did not want to go home either!


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