April 7, 2014

Heart Stone Films :: Julie + George | The Value of a Wedding Film (Guest Blog Series)

This is the second installment in a series of guest blogs from some of our awesome past brides! We enlisted some help their help to answer some questions about the value of having a wedding film.
Today’s guest blogger is Julie Soung. Julie and George got married on a GORGEOUS day at Brier Creek Country Club and had such a unique wedding filled with friends, family, dancing, traditions, and some really sweet moments between the two of them. We asked Julie a few questions about their wedding film and here is what she had to say!

Why did you choose to have a wedding film?
– We knew a wedding film was the best way to remember one of the biggest days of our lives. The entire day goes by so quickly and we wanted to be able to relive all the special moments any time we wanted to!

In your opinion what is the difference between a traditional wedding video and a wedding film?
– Definitely! A wedding film is like a work of art. The artists behind the camera make sure to capture all the important parts of your day at the perfect angle. Professional equipment is used to produce and tell the story of your love. The perfect song is chosen to enhance the emotions. To me, a wedding video is more like a home video while a wedding film is an Oscar nominated movie!

How many times have you watched your wedding film? 
– More times than we can count!
Describe what it was like the first time you watched your wedding film (where, together?, did you laugh cry, what did it feel like, etc.)
– We were SO excited when we knew our wedding film was ready. We agreed to wait until we were together to watch it. As soon as it started up, I got goosebumps! We both laughed and cried as we relived our wedding day over again!
What does your wedding film mean to you and your family?
– Our wedding film is everything we could have asked for and more. It means that we can always look back on one of the biggest and best days of our lives. We can experience the emotions, vows, and dances all over again.
Why did you choose Heart Stone Films? 
– I knew y’all had to be a part of our big day! No two wedding films are the same. I was absolutely sure if we chose Heart Stone Films that our film would be unique to us and capture every feeling experienced on that very day.
What would you tell a bride/groom who may be on the fence about having a wedding film? 
– Don’t think twice – a wedding film is the BEST investment you can make! Nothing is better than reliving the special moments of your significant other reciting their vows, your parents’ glowing faces as you walk down the aisle, or the tears of joy shared with your dearest friends.