March 25, 2014

Heart Stone Films :: Diana + Brian | The Value of a Wedding Film (Guest Blog Series)

So often a wedding film is an afterthought or comes up so late in the planning process that couples miss out on what could be one of their most cherished possessions and memories. The challenge for us is to try and adequately communicate to brides, grooms, and families the value of having your wedding day captured in a film so this doesn’t happen. I used the word challenge because quite honestly it can be just that, how do you communicate the feeling and the emotions that someone will experience when watching their wedding film? Well, we enlisted some help from our wonderful past brides to answer some questions about the value of having a wedding film.

Our first guest post comes from Diana Oates. Diana and Brian got married in Chapel Hill on a pretty day in March a couple years ago. Diana was kind enough to answer a few questions and provide some pretty great insight:


Why did you choose to have a wedding film?
  •  Diana: I love a good love story and what better love story is there than your own? I wanted to experience real moments that could be captured only through a wedding film.

In your opinion what is the difference between a traditional wedding video and a wedding film?

  • Diana: A wedding video is a collection of highlights that may or may not be done professionally whereas a wedding film is a complete story pieced together with well thought out music, interesting and unique camera angles with only the best video equipment.
How many times have you watched your wedding film?
  • Diana: Probably 50 times … don’t judge me.
Describe what it was like the first time you watched your wedding film (where, together?, did you laugh cry, what did it feel like, etc.)
  • Diana: When we first watched our wedding video I cried the whole time. It was the best day of my life and watching it over reminded me of all of the wonderful emotions associated with the wedding day. My husband who is Mr. tough guy even shed a tear.
What does your wedding film mean to you and your family? 
  • Diana: Our wedding film is a wonderful reminder of the greatest day of our lives. Heart Stone Films came in and without being distracting were able to be right in the middle of every special moment that happened during our special day. It’s a great way to reflect on all of the hard work that not only went into planning the wedding, but a continued reminder of how hard yet rewarding a marriage actually is.
Why did you choose Heart Stone Films? 
  • Diana: I chose Heart Stone Films because it was love at first sight for me. Originally we had not worked a wedding film into our budget at all, however, the moment I stumbled upon some of their work via Facebook, I knew I would do whatever it took to have them there on my special day.
What would you tell a bride/groom who may be on the fence about having a wedding film? 
  • Diana: Your wedding is something that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life. With that being said, it is so important to incorporate things into that special day that will stick with you forever. Hiring Heart Stone Films was such a fantastic way to remember raw, genuine emotions that will stay with you forever because they are there, recorded and available for your reflection at any time. I know personally I had to analyze my wedding budget and decide what would have to go so that Heart Stone Films could stay and let me just say no one remembers the little trinkets you hand out or the flowers in the bathrooms but you and your family will never, ever forget the way that your wedding day, and  in turn , your wedding film makes you feel.