April 15, 2014

Heart Stone Films :: Joy + Caique | The Value of a Wedding Film

This is the third installment in a series of guest blogs from some of our awesome past brides! We enlisted their help to answer some questions about the value of having a wedding film.Today’s guest blogger is Joy Long. Joy and Caique’s wedding was full of love, dancing, vibrant colors, and sweet moments!  They got married on a beautiful day in downtown Raleigh at the Contemporary Art Museum. We asked Joy a few questions about their wedding film and here is what she had to say!

Why did you choose to have a wedding film?

 It was important to capture the essence of our wedding in a modern, fun, and unique way. Therefore, we loved the idea of doing the wedding film!


In your opinion what is the difference between a traditional wedding video and a wedding film?

A traditional wedding film captures the procedures of the wedding day, but lacks the “personality” that a wedding film offers. A wedding film is more person-centered and works to share the unique story of two partners unlike a traditional wedding video.


How many times have you watched your wedding film? 

 Haha, I can’t count J


Describe what it was like the first time you watched your wedding film (where, together?, did you laugh cry, what did it feel like, etc.)

I felt a range of emotions from joy, crying, and was left feeling very satisfied with the portrayal of not only my special day but of the journey that led to our special day. It was also awkward to have all of that attention on me.


What does your wedding film mean to you and your family?

My family and I are happy with the production and final product of the wedding film because it highlighted the energy, celebration, and love present during our day.


Why did you choose Heart Stone Films? 

Heart Stone Films is a classic and professional company!  I had the pleasure of seeing Heart Stone’s work for a friend’s wedding, I was blown away and had to book them immediately even before I had the venue, caterer, and photographer/etc!


Do you have any cool stories about your wedding film? 

My husband is from Brasil, and his family/friends were unable to travel to attend our wedding. However, he was able to share the wedding film link with them which provided a glimpse of our day and of how we celebrate a wedding here in the US. They were elated to share that moment with us and they were impressed with not only our day, but with the film itself. Heart Stone provided three DVDs of the wedding film and my husband was able to give one DVD to his family when he traveled home after the wedding.


What would you tell a bride/groom who may be on the fence about having a wedding film?

Do it! You will not be disappointed! Heart Stone Films does an excellent job of painting such a beautiful picture of your day, special to you and your partner which will last in style forever!