February 27, 2016

Heart Stone Films New Intern-Aidan Wells

Weeks One-Two

Hey everyone! My name is Aidan Wells, and I’m Heart Stone’s newest Intern. I’m very happy to have an internship where I can learn from people who have been doing videography for a while. It’s an opportunity that I’ve been looking to get, and I’m excited to see how I grow in my abilities over the next few months. I’ve been interested in film and video since high school, and I know I’ll make a career out of it. For the internship, my expectations are that I’ll get a better understanding of how professionals operate in their work, train with expensive equipment, and discover new aspects of videography that I didn’t know existed.

One day I hope to work in the Film Industry, but for now I need to learn as much as I can about the technical side of video making. When I’m not working on videos I like taking trips to visit my friends in college and writing about film. Occasionally, I enjoy getting in heated political debates. My favorite director changes from time to time, but it usually switches between Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino.  My favorite film is Memento, because it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m also a huge music fan, but I don’t have a favorite genre. I listen to pretty much anything that catches my ear. Right now my favorite artist is Jon Bellion. I also spent two months in Costa Rica this past year, which was an incredible experience until I started to run out of money.

Another fun fact: If I stop drinking coffee I’ll likely fall into a coma.

Excited and Ready to Learn,