April 24, 2014


Megan + Spencer had one of the sweetest weddings that we’ve had the privilege to capture! Hand written vows with so much meaning, a beautiful outdoor garden ceremony, and the coolest tandem bike departure of all time! Megan was kind enough to give us her perspective on why a wedding film is so valuable. Check out her thoughts below!


Why did you choose to have a wedding film? 
We wanted first and foremost to have our vows and other significant wedding moments captured. We had planned some special moments including a surprise first dance for my parents, who never were able to have one on their wedding day and we did not want to miss any of the reactions to this and other sweet moments during the day!
In your opinion what is the difference between a traditional wedding video and a wedding film?
Most of our friends who had traditional wedding videos had been very dissatisfied when they watched the footage of their day and the video was unable to capture how special the day felt to them. We wanted something that would capture how magical our day was to us.
How many times have you watched your wedding film? 
We have watched our wedding film countless times, including at a later reception, where it was projected on an large outdoor screen so it could be seen by all of those who were not able to witness the day in person!
Describe what it was like the first time you watched your wedding film (where, together?, did you laugh cry, what did it feel like, etc.)
We made an event out of our first time viewing the video, including champagne to celebrate again our day. We both cried through our vows and laughed at our little niece and nephew who were our adorable and unpredictable flower girl and ring bearer! Watching the dances and our guests’ reactions to all of the special moments, as well as our own reactions, was priceless and we loved knowing in that moment that we could watch again and again, as well as share with others what this day meant to us!
What does your wedding film mean to you and your family? 
We were able to watch our film with our family and cried and laughed again with them, which was such a sweet time. My dad had been the hardest sell on a wedding film because it was an investment, but when he saw the trailer (not even the full film!) from our day, he said it was completely worth it!
Why did you choose Heart Stone Films?  
We wanted to see our day again and again through our eyes and felt Heart Stone Films was the best choice to make exactly that happen after watching many of their wedding films. For each wedding, they captured personal unique moments that we could not help but believe where exactly what the couple would cherish. That’s the heart we wanted behind those we let be part of our intimate and emotional day. Toni and Chris were thoughtful about the details important to us and excited with us for our day, which made us even more thankful to have them be a part of it!
Do you have any cool stories about your wedding film? 
My father, who has been ill for some time, was unable to walk up until the wedding day. He rallied for the day of and the lifelong dream of having him walk me down the aisle and have our father-daughter dance, was the most priceless part of my wedding and it is now captured beautifully on film.
What would you tell a bride/groom who may be on the fence about having a wedding film? 
Do it! It was the world’s best investment! One memory that stuck in my mind, helping to make the decision. I was the Maid of Honor for a friend’s wedding and her grandfather sang beautifully during their ceremony. To this day, they talk about how much they wish that moment had been captured on film. We are endlessly thankful we made the decision to have a wedding film and specifically to work with Chris and Toni. It has been the sweetest thing as a newly married couple that whenever we watch our video and listen to our vows, we fall in love with each other again!