November 6, 2018

How Toni And Chris Wheaton Are Documenting Love

Guideposts Feature

Dubbed “the Chip and Joanna Gaines” of the wedding industry, the Wheatons are capturing real-life love stories around the world. 

How Toni And Chris Wheaton Are Documenting Love

Thank you so much to Guideposts magazine for chatting with us and sharing our story, “How Toni and Chris Wheaton are Documenting Love”. Being called “the Chip and Joanna Gaines” of the wedding industry is easily the coolest thing anyone has ever said about us. We have admired Chip and Jo for years and the business and life they have built together resonates with us so much. We’ve never known a life in which we weren’t working together side by side, struggling to make ends meet, filming so many weddings in a year that we wanted to quit and find new jobs, and ultimately trusting the Lord to direct our hearts and being renewed by a vision from Him about our business. As we shared with Jessica at Guideposts: “That just clicked with us,” Chris continues. “We really felt like God was speaking to us, saying this is the purpose behind what you’re doing. Yeah, you’re going to make beautiful videos of this beautiful wedding day. But you’re really giving a couple a tool that can help them in their marriage. And so, we’ve just latched on to that. We take that perspective when we’re filming when we’re editing. And we really try to tell that story. Knowing this is going to be something that can really help their marriage.”

Guideposts is filled with inspirational stories and inspiring people that will fill you with hope and positivity about the world. We are so grateful to be included in the community of these people and these stories.
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Chris and Toni