October 8, 2012

i am dj joe bunn | a docu-mini

A year ago we sat down with Joe, Joe Bunn DJ Company, and discussed doing an in depth piece about his journey to becoming a DJ and the company that he’s built today. We’ve done a few videos for Joe, the first one, Do You Know Joe? released December 2010, the idea was to show him in some amazing spots in Raleigh by himself doing what he does, with nobody around just Joe and the music, giving you an inside peek at him and what he loves doing. For this film, we wanted to go more in depth and tell his story and what inspired him to become a DJ. We worked with him on the script for the interview and it’s always very easy to work with him on these because he loves what he does so much that talking about it comes very natural for him, which comes through on camera. We pulled old clips and photos of his earlier years and the frat/club days, the footage is priceless! We headed to Wilson since it’s where the story begins, then Chapel Hill to Carolina and finally spent 2 separate days with him and the boys which is one of our favorite parts of this piece. Ainsley does make a hidden appearance behind the bounce house, she was in full support of everything and loved being a part of it, it’s a rare occasion to get her in front of the camera. The week before we released this, we were putting the final touches on it and there was only one missing piece which was Colin and Davis opening and closing the video. We called Joe and told him and he immediately said yes, let’s do it, I think the most outtakes happened in that shoot! Joe is the easiest person to work with on these projects because he knows exactly what he wants, he completely trusts us to make it happen and also gives us full creative freedom to do what we need to do and we have a lot of fun.
We knew this piece was going to be awesome, at least to us, but we didn’t anticipate the emotional response from viewers saying that they were moved to tears, of course we were but we know Joe and it’s a piece close to our hearts and we are emotionally invested in it, so it was great to be able to create that same emotion in others. We knew it had hit when we started seeing people posting on Joe’s FB wall “Do it right tonight Joe”! It’s a great feeling to put your all into a project, see it come together and strike an emotional cord within us, and it’s an even greater honor to get that response from others.
We love you Joe and are happy to be along for the ride, do it right tonight Joe!

“In all sincerity, thank you so much. This is the tops and a true memory of my career. I’ll have it forever guys.”…Joe


Guys, I mean it, this video is the pinnacle and you guys are, hands down, THE BEST!