January 11, 2011

Chris + Toni :: In Front of the Lens

So we needed some awesome new pictures to go with our new branding, and who else would we turn to other than our friends, James and Meridith Walters of Walters & Walters Photography. We have been talking to them for over a year about doing a shoot and finally got around to it. We wanted to do a behind the scenes/on the set, vintage/modern shoot. James had these awesome old school directors lights and a directors chair. Next came wardrobe…I told Chris that we had to go to the mall early the day before the shoot to get outfits and he was like really, early, the whole day? Well it turns out i’m not the only picky one, Chris is quite picky about what he wears too. So we headed to the mall and started shopping. We got him all taken care of, then came me and I was nervous so I called my bestie, Becca and made her meet us at the mall. We ended up stricking gold and finding the exact look we wanted! We went home and paired everything together and did a fashion show and a small pre shoot before the shoot via my friend Becca’s iphone camera! So the morning of the shoot, I had to get some help with makeup and I went to my buddy at Mac and had him do some dramatic eyes and lips and we were good to go!
Check out W&W’s blog interview with us!
Thank you so much James and Meridith, it was a blast! Here are our favs….


Sassy, sassy, pictures! Well done, James. And you two are HOTNESS!!!! Not to be confused with a ‘HOT MESS’!

You so have it going on!