September 20, 2011

Inspired by us | Short Film Contest

We decided kind of last minute to enter an awesome short film contest for a free seat at Stillmotion, Kevin Shahinian, and Joe Simon’s upcoming Event Cinema Workshop’s in Boston & Chicago. We decided on a Friday that we were going to enter and had a 3 hour car ride to brainstorm and come up with our concept, we had to answer, “What inspires our cinema” in 30-60 seconds. We shot a wedding the next day, drove 3 hours back home, and filmed this the next day.
We are in love, we are married, we live together, we work together, we are inspired by each other, our relationship, and the love we share, so we felt that it was appropriate to produce, direct, shoot, edit and star in this film. Every piece involved with this is something/someplace that inspires us, and plays a big role in our lives/cinema, it’s all real and simply us. Be sure to click here to watch all the films and vote for your fav 😉