Olivia & Brenton

These two are beautiful and just as sweet! Olivia and Brenton said I Do at the beautiful @wilddunesresort in Isle of Palms, SC.
They met six years ago outside of a bar, Olivia was in a taxi waiting to leave, and called out “Hey blondie!” to Brenton as the cab pulled away. He chased the cab down the street, memorized her phone number through the window, and called her the next day.
Olivia chose meaningful details for her wedding; her bouquet had a clip from her late grandmother, the bouquet and all the flowers were inspired after some of the flowers that her other late grandmother had around the outside of her home, and that she always loved as a kid. One of their signature cocktails was named after their adorable dog, Valentine (a giant Newfoundland) @oliviajewell @bbersin10 also played for the @panthers
We had a blast with this crew:
Planner @ivyrobinsonevents
Photography @theallisonkuhn
Hair & Makeup @lindseyreganthorne @beprettycharlotte
@splitsecondsound @vinnysplit @dianesplit


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