Umstead Hotel Wedding | Jackie + Jimmy

We were excited to capture this love story because there were some different unique elements that they included in their wedding. They wrote letters to each other prior to the ceremony then sealed them, during the ceremony they placed the sealed letters in a box with a bottle of wine and locked the box, on their fifth anniversary they will unlock the box, read the letters and share the bottle of wine, they will then write new letters, seal them and place them back in the box with a new bottle of wine and the original letters and lock the box and on their tenth anniversary they will unlock the box, share the bottle of wine, re-read the old letters and the new ones, they will repeat this every five years. The box will serve as a time-capsule for these love letters.  How adorable and precious is that? I’m one of the most sentimental people you will ever meet, I still have every tiny little thing that Chris has ever given me saved in a memory box. When we first started dating we would chat on the phone all night long and I saved the original phone bill showing all the minutes we talked, and have our aol chat conversations saved in a scrapbook that I made for Chris. So this was right up our alley and we fell completely in love with this! Jackie and Jimmy are seriously two of the sweetest people we have met and we were honored to capture their day!

Awesome note we received: “The video is AMAZING….Thank you so much. We were both looking forward to seeing it and it far, far exceeded our expectations. We have shared it with family and friends…..all have loved it.  Just hard for me to believe how well you captured so much of the day in just those seven minutes. It makes us look forward to viewing more! We were both so impressed with the entire process working with you guys….from our initial meeting to the incredible job you did at the wedding and now to the final product.  We could not have picked a better group to have worked with and would be glad to share our experience so that others can make the same great decision we did. Again, thanks so much for the video…it is fantastic.”…Jimmy, Groom

Venue | Umstead Hotel and Spa
Wedding Coordinator | Ami Wheeler, Umstead Hotel
Photographer | Kevin Milz Photography
Videographer | Heart Stone Films
Florist | Watered Garden Florist
Cake | Sweet Memories
DJ | Jim Unger, Joe Bunn DJ Company
Hair + Makeup | Denise Hutter, Images by Denise
Candy Bar | Cinda’s Creative Cakes
Minister | Rev. Barbara Lodge
Dress | Priscilla of Boston


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