July 11, 2011

Jennifer + Kirk | Wilson Wedding Trailer

Jennifer is another one of our brides that is in what we now refer to as “Morgan’s crew”. Last March 2010, we filmed Morgan and Bradley’s wedding, after Morgan’s wedding we met with her friend Jennifer for her May 14 wedding, shortly after we met with Jennifer we met with their friend Teran whose wedding we filmed in April, just a few weeks before Jennifer’s. This is quickly becoming 6 degrees of separation and we absolutely love it! The ceremony was held at a beautiful church, Jennifer and Kirk decided not to see each other until Jennifer walked down the aisle. The reception was held at Jennifer’s grandparents home, there is a lake beside the home where a white tent housed the band and black & white dance floor. The property is unbelievably beautiful! It was a wedding filled with love, excitement, close friends & family, and southern charm. Our team got to spend some time with Jennifer and Kirk before the reception began on the property which resulted in some amazing footage!

Here’s what Jennifer had to say: “We love it and thank you so much. You all do beautiful work!! I love the piano music and Pastor Warren’s message! It just draws you in. Can’t wait for the film!”

Facebook Love:
July 7 at 7:14pm ·The shot through the lace was very clever and beautiful. Nice work as always.
July 7 at 7:14pm · Thank you so much Chris and Toni! I can’t wait until the film!! =)
July 7 at 10:13pm · Thanks Toni and Chris…….very lovely! Looking forward to seeing the highlight film! 😀
July 7 at 10:23am · Love it! Can’t wait to see the highlight film!! 🙂