Kristen + Nathan | Southern Style Fun

Kristen is very detail oriented, so naturally there were a lot of personal little details that held a deep meaning to her. Her mom sewed a special garter for her using her great grandmother’s thread, wedding dress and her mother’s veil. The flowers set the theme for this wedding, they were tropical and included a variety of colors. The bridesmaids wore dark teal infinity dresses, and they each carried a different colored bouquet, Kristen’s bouquet incorporated all of the bridesmaids flowers. During the ceremony, Nathan and Kristen wrote their own little paragraph describing each other, they weren’t considered vows but something to help Nathan’s family see through his eyes what Kristen means to him and to help Kristen’s family see through her eyes what he means to her. This was very special to them and helped pull their story together perfectly and gave the viewer a chance to see what they mean to each other. The reception was held outside at the Howard House, there were tables set up throughout the yard and on the beautiful front porch, the centerpieces on each table were different and intended to be a piece of art. Kristen and Nathan loved the idea of making their guests feel at home and at ease on the southern style front porch of the Howard House and the lawn. In one section of the front yard they had games for the guests; Nathan made Kristen a set of cornhole boards and Kristen painted them with their names and a flower logo. The night ended with an awesome dance party under the stars! Congratulations Mr. + Mrs. Herrmann!

Love From the Bride
“OH MY WORD!!!! WE LOVE IT! Thank you SO MUCH!!!! You guys are the greatest! We cannot wait to show everyone! Seriously, I just relived my wedding night because of y’all! Thank you for capturing all those wonderful moments!”

Ceremony | Butler Chapel
Reception | The Howard House
Photographer | Big Star Studios
Florist |  Brides and Bouquets
DJ | K. Hester with Anything Music
Cake | Leanne Herrmann, Groom’s Aunt
Hair + Makeup | Skyler Dascombe, Bride’s cousin
Planner | Donna Evenson, Bride’s mother

Facebook Love
July 26 at 12:15pm · I like the wide dance shot. alot. #writingnotes
July 26 at 1:15pm · Amazing!!
July 26 at 12:15pm · You guys are amazing!! This video is beautiful! I can’t wait for you to do our wedding video!!
July 28 at 6:00pm ·absolutely beautiful Kristen, once again, Congratulations! 🙂
July 28 at 6:01pm · i LOVE this! it is awesome! i have already watched in twice…i am sure there will be more times 🙂 I love yall! both of you so much…and i am so very thankful for you.
July 28 at 6:02pm · Smiled through the whole thing! Still hate we missed it. You two are precious!
July 28 at 6:06pm · thanks, y’all!!! 🙂 I can’t stop watching the video too!
July 28 at 6:27pm · got chills from this one : )
July 28 at 7:44pm · I love it! It brings back so many wonderful memories of your glorious day. Thanks for posting it.
July 28 at 7:54pm · Absolutely amazing!!!
July 28 at 8:05pm · I love this video so much!!!!!
July 28 at 9:20pm · Yo. This video is the tops. Best wedding ever.
July 28 at 11:39pm · Just watched the video! Wow! That is so special to have! I love it!
July 29 at 7:06am · We love our wedding video! They did such a great job with it!
July 29 at 8:15am · I smiled all the way through and cried while I smiled! Beautiful!!
July 29 at 8:29am · Yea, I teared up!
July 29 at 8:49am · Girl that video was so sweet! I cried my eyes out!
July 29 at 8:52am · Absolutely loved the video! Made me cry 🙂
July 29 at 9:48am · This was super sweet and that groom takes his dancing very seriously!! : )
July 29 at 6:04pm · We got daddy’s computer out of the shop so I can finally watch in high def. I giggle everytime I watch Nathan dance. I don’t know how he moves his legs that fast!!!
July 29 at 6:42pm · i watched it 3 times already! its like the previews of a real life movie that i was a part of!
July 29 at 9:39pm · sweet wedding video! you guys are so stinking cute!!
August 1 at 3:00pm · Love this one, guys!

  • donna evenson said:

    Thank you so much! Kristen's dad has watched this over and over and says he would love to do the whole wedding over again... it was that much fun!! I'm so glad you captured Nathan's dancing, as I missed it due to making sure all went according to plan! This wedding was Kristen's dream come true and you have captured it not only as a remembrance, but as a reminder of why they fell in love. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    PS The night went so fast that I thought the DJ only played about 5 songs. I look forward to watching the entire footage so I can really be a part of it this time!

    • Chris & Toni said:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so happy that you all love it, we were very happy with how it all came together and are thankful that you allowed us to be a part of your special day! Kristen and Nathan are a wonderful couple and their story is precious!

  • What a great video, you two look fabulous. Its was a pleasure working with you Kristen. Wishing both of you many years of Happiness and Laughter.

    Gregg Kennedy
    Brides & Bouquets

    • Chris & Toni said:

      Thank you Gregg!