Lacey + Chris | A West Virginia Wedding

This wedding was very special…I met Lacey when I was about 11 years old and we pretty much became best friends right away. Throughout middle and high school Lacey, our other bestie, Sylvia, and I were inseparable. We grew up together, shared everything, spent many nights at each others houses and had more laughs you could imagine. The three of us knew that no matter where our lives would eventually lead us and how far apart we would physically be that this would be a lifelong friendship, and that’s exactly how it is. No matter how much time and years have gone by, when we see each other it’s as if no time has passed and I will forever be grateful for these two friendships. We made a pact when we were young that we would all be in each others wedding, I missed Sylvia’s wedding a few years ago because I was set to go on a mission trip to Russia, but Lacey got to be there for her. I was so happy to have both of them in my wedding almost 4 years ago! Lacey was 5 months pregnant at the time and came all the way down here to stand by my side, so there was no way I was missing another one of my besties weddings. It’s funny to me that we both married a “Chris”.
Chris and I left Raleigh early friday morning on Memorial Day weekend, and made our way up to Point Pleasant, WV it was just over a 6 hour drive. We got in a little late due to bad weather, but I walked into the rehearsal and there was Lace, cute as always, and as usual our eyes filled with tears of joy to see each other! This weekend was full of excitement, fun, and love. It’s been almost 10 years since i’ve seen some of my dearest childhood friends and it was refreshing! Anytime we all get together there’s nothing but laughing and sharing all our memories together. This was the second wedding in a matter of 2 months that i’ve doubled as bridesmaid and operated a camera, leaving Chris to shoot the ceremony solo like a champ, it was challenging but we are happy with how it came together! Our time together went by way too fast, as soon as the reception got close to the end we packed up the car and headed back to Raleigh to shoot another wedding the next day, it was a crazy weekend but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Lace, you are an awesome mother, you were a beautiful bride, and you will be an amazing wife, I love you forever and wish you and Chris all the happiness in the world!

“I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much!! You have me crying like a baby!! I just love you so much!!! You and Chris are amazing!! Thank You so much!! I’ve been home for about 30 min and have already watched it about 30 times!!!”…Lacey, Bride

“I can tell u that I’VE watched it about 10 times now!!! lol…You and Chris did a beautiful job Toni…thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love you..xo”…Mother of the Bride

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August 23 at 11:49am · Nice video guys. I enjoyed watching it. Great job
August 23 at 1:45pm · A most GORGEOUS dress!!!
August 23 at 1:15pm
 · So nice Toni! Thank you so very much!
August 23 at 1:15pm · WONDERFUL!!!!
August 23 at 1:15pm · Sooooo beautiful!!
August 23 at 2:00pm · I teared up…beautiful job, Chris+Toni!
August 23 at 5:59pm · That was beautiful.
August 23 at 6:18pm · that was such an amazing wedding. when she cried, i cried. i just luv how they walked thru the town. it was different, never seen a bride and groom do that. i just luved it. she is beautiful. love her dress.
August 23 at 6:35pm · that was beautiful…I cried. Everyone looked beautiful and so did Lacey. A job well done my friend!
August 23 at 6:40pm · Beautiful ladies, beautiful family!
August 23 at 6:46pm · wow! beautiful!
August 23 at 6:56pm · loved the little parts of Daddy gettin Little man ready, when she was on the phone cryin….I did good until I saw Lacey and her mom and grandma and then the 3 of them walkin down the aisle. She made a Beautiful bride. I loved when they brought the Braylon in to join the circle for family and the fact that it was all about the Bride, Groom and the little Braylon…. The end was awesome, walking downtown as to start their Journey…Precious moments for a Special family. Very classy!!
August 23 at 7:10pm · I’ve watched this about 15times now!!!
August 23 at 7:11pm · That was beautiful!!!
August 23 at 7:15pm · What they have all said…it was so sweet and I cried,too ♥♥♥
August 23 at 7:32pm · Beautiful video
August 23 at 8:15pm · Everything was so beautiful & perfect; I am very happy for them and the whole family…. Truly lovely, Holly, I love ya ♥
August 23 at 8:20pm · EXCELLENT!!
August 23 at 11:20pm · precious memories ♥
August 24 at 1:20pm · That is just beautiful!! What a lovely family you have!!!
August 24 at 5:35pm · SO BEAUTIFUL.
August 24 at 5:35pm · Absolutely beautiful !!!


Lovely wedding for a great couple! We love you Lacey & Chris with a pure heart fervently! Super job, Chris & Toni! And we all had a blessed reunion with family & friends! God is good!

Thank you Charlotte! What a wonderful time together, love you bunches!!


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