January 26, 2012

Laura + Chris | Renaissance Hotel

♥ An Egyptian/Lebanese Celebration

The Meeting…
She though he was so charming, handsome, and outgoing the moment they met…She was meeting some friends for dinner, he had just moved to Raleigh from California and wanted to meet new people. His cousin was one of her friends at dinner, he showed up late for dinner and sat across the table. They started talking across everyone, eventually ending up next to each other by the end of the night. They talked all night and went out for drinks afterwards. The two of them ended up at a local diner and had french fries and coffee until 4 am. They hung out almost everyday since that night.
They got engaged after 6 months of being together. His sister lives in Lebanon and he didn’t want to propose until his whole family was in town. It was Halloween and they had went out the night before for a costume party and decided they weren’t going to go out for Halloween on the 31st. Instead they had a family dinner with their families at his parents house. He asked her to come over a little early so he could help set up before her parents came over. She drove into his driveway and walked to the front door. She saw a red rose on the door with a note that said “Record this.” There was a camera sitting next to the door with another note saying “meet me in the bedroom.” She turned on the camera and walked into the bedroom and saw a rose laying on his bed with a note saying meet me in the bathroom. She walked to the bathroom and found another rose with a note leading her to another location. Each time she arrived in a different room and collected roses. The 10th rose led her outside to the stairs leading to the lake in his backyard. The 11th rose had a note which read; I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me! And then he walked around the corner with the 12th rose and got on his knees and proposed. She caught the whole thing on camera!

“We love it! You guys are the best! Thank you!”…Laura, Bride

Laura and Chris, we really enjoyed getting to know you guys and celebrating with you! Thank you for trusting us to capture your story!…Toni + Chris

Ceremony | St. Michaels Episcopal Church
Reception | Renaissance Hotel
Planner | A Joyful Occasion
Photographer | Azul Photography
Film | Heart Stone Films
Florist | Fresh Affairs
DJ | Joe Bunn, Joe Bunn DJ Company
Lighting | Total Production Services
Cake | Asali Desserts

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January 15 at 7:03pm · What a wonderful video!!
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January 14 at 12:28pm · I love it!! Thank you so much for everything!
January 14 at 12:44pm · Beautiful wedding and the video was great.
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January 14 at 3:26pm · LOVE it!! omg
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January 18 at 1:17am · I love the video!! You are such a beautiful couple!

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