Lowndes Grove Plantation | Charleston SC Wedding Trailer

Kate is a NC native and moved to NY to pursue a career in fashion which lead her to Paris where she met Robin, who is a native of England. They wanted to have a destination wedding in Charleston to give their guests a traditional southern hospitality experience. The decor was simple yet elegant and the Lowndes Grove Plantation was the perfect backdrop for this affair. Kate’s mother made her wedding dress which is reminiscent of old English royalty, and she looked stunning. Family and friends flew in from Paris, England, Hong Kong and all over the US to take part in this celebration which was very important to them. Since this was a destination wedding, it was important to us to include footage of the city in addition to the venue to set the stage for their story.

“Already a terrific piece!  A haute-quality and perfect picture/angle form the day.  You have special artistic talents!”…Kate, Bride

Event Designer | Ivy Robinson Weddings & Events
Photographer | Timwill Photography
Venue | Lowndes Grove Plantation
Lighting | Technical Event Company


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