March 9, 2016

Moments That Define A Legacy | Elijah John Wheaton

There are moments that define a legacy in life. Above falling in love, beyond getting engaged, and even greater than getting married, this is that moment for us. The former moments are part, but for us this was the whole. The missing piece to a life that we proclaimed was already full. We liked our little life, our career, our travels, our time together, and our freedom. But something better awaited us. This film is about the changing of hearts and the changing of lives. It is our version of what everyone will tell you is the greatest experience in life; having kids. After it all we are left with this thought: It was a privilege to be able to document this season of our lives on film, because we simply can’t find the words to describe it. That is the message for us, but we also came out of this experience being very certain of one other thing. You must with all your ability and means, document your life. Moments like this are fleeting and gone before you know it and to have them frozen in time is priceless. Skip a vacation, save a little extra, do what you must to preserve your life’s story and legacy. It was because of this thought that we decided to make this a mixed media film. We blended super 8mm film, iPhone videos, dslr video, full blown cinema camera footage, and even a couple photos. The story itself was very real and unscripted, but the way we wanted to tell it was very intentional. Firstly we wanted to show people how important all of your memories are, no matter the form or format in which they are recorded. The second was to use each medium to accentuate our emotional state during each part of the film and journey. The super 8mm highlighted our nostalgia for the past and what we thought was our “perfect life”, the iPhone videos were used to communicate the raw, real emotion of something so powerful as telling your parents they are going to be grandparents, the dslr video to show the fun and joy of the journey and sharing the special moments with family and each other, and finally we used our cinema cameras and slow motion to communicate and depict the beauty of our new life, the quality that Elijah brings to our lives, our desire for this time to literally slow down, and the hope of our wonderful future together. It is our hearts desire that you not only enjoy our little story, but make sure you preserve yours.

Special thanks to Nancy Ray for capturing our maternity, newborn, and birth photos. Oh yea, and the amazing footage in the delivery room, she captured that too! You can read more and see more from her in this beautiful feature on the Fount Collective blog.


This is so sweet and touching. It made me cry. Parenthood is the beat hard job in the world and you are going to treasure every moment of it.

Aww thank you Barbara! We are so excited for this journey!