Morgan + Bradley :: Wedding Highlights

**For best viewing turn HD off and press play and then pause immediately to let video load**

Morgan and Bradley got married 3.27.10. They were awesome! We absolutely love them! Their wedding was featured on Southern Bride and Groom Magazine’s website.
Here’s what Morgan had to say, this is why we LOVE what we do!!…
“Hey y’all! We just finished watching the video and we LOVE it!!! There are so many great moments! I can’t wait to show my parents! I LOVE the highlight video!! I cried and had to watch it again. The first of an obsessive amount of viewings, I’m sure! I. LOVE. IT. MORE. EACH. TIME! It is so great and Bradley is driving me nuts because he isn’t here yet and I want him to see it with me! I guess he’ll have to catch viewing number 10 or so. Yay! Ok, sorry for the short thank you…must resume play of the video! 😉 You guys are so amazing!! I love you guys!!! You guys are the BEST! Thank you so much! Much love from us both!!”…Morgan, Bride
Videography: Barton Creek Weddings
Photography: Katy Cook Photography
Planner: Sally Herring, An Elegant Affair
Ceremony: Edenton Street UMC
Reception: Capital City Club
Flowers: Dogwood Tree Floral Designs
Band: The Remedy
Morgan+Bradley’s DVD cover – Photos courtesy of Katy Cook Photography

Facebook Kudos:
April 7 at 2:16pm ·SHUT UP! This is so wonderful!!!!!! Thank you so much! You guys are the BEST! This was my comment right before I called you because the !!!!! didn’t accurately describe my feelings! 🙂
April 7 at 2:30pm ·That is so great! Congratulations, you looked beautiful!
April 7 at 2:40pm ·This is awesome and would make a fabulous commercial for weddings!!
April 7 at 3:02pm ·Love it! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Tew!
April 7 at 3:10pm ·So neat! Had a blast 🙂
April 7 at 3:29pm ·Morgan that is great!! Made me feel like yall are movie stars and that I wanted to have my wedding all over again 🙂
April 7 at 3:31pm ·LOVE IT!
April 7 at 3:59pm ·WOW!!! Love it!! You guys are the BEST for sure : )!!!
April 7 at 4:05pm ·Very Cool!
April 7 at 4:43pm ·Love the HD!
April 7 at 4:43pm ·great job Toni & Chris!
April 7 at 4:59pm ·Thanks y’all! I love it! Chris and Toni from Barton Creek are amazingly talented! Yay!
April 7 at 5:10pm ·‎:) So much fun! I have watched it now at least 300 times and love it!
April 7 at 5:17pm ·excuse my language… but, i’ve been in bloody ireland and all…. What the *********** !
Absolutely wonderful and leaves me wanting to see more… and…. I was freaking there! Great job you both! Love.
April 7 at 5:18pm ·This is sooooo cool!!!!!! We had a marvelous time and it was a perfect wedding!!!!! Congrats again!!!!!!!!!!!
April 7 at 9:17pm ·I love it guys! Can’t wait to see the rest!
April 7 at 10:30pm ·love it! can we do it again this weekend?
April 8 at 12:28am ·Awwwwesome! Love it, Morgan! Congrats and Best Wishes to the both of you! You are so pretty! I’m so glad that you are happy and that you guys found each other!
April 8 at 7:42am ·Congratulations Morgan! What a great trailer. You looked absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to see the rest!
April 8 at 8:21am ·That is Awesome!!!
April 14 at 5:21pm ·I love this!
May 5 at 10:19am ·ONE WORD : PRICELESS!!! Morgan I think this is the most beautiful wedding I have since in aWHILE:) You were stunning:)
May 5 at 10:34am ·So cool!
May 5 at 11:08am ·Awww love it!!!
May 5 at 11:23am ·beautiful! I was tearing up watching it!
May 5 at 11:51am ·Morgan, Awesome video. Looks like your day was very special! Congrats and best wishes to you in the future as well!
May 5 at 1:58pm ·STUNNING. Big Congrats to you, Morgan!
May 5 at 3:36pm ·LOVE IT!!! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys 🙂
May 5 at 10:59pm ·What a great video!!!! And, of course, what a great wedding!!!!!!!
May 6 at 7:38am ·Great video Morgan!
May 6 at 10:41am ·OMG Morgan!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop crying!!!!! That is the most beautiful and special video I have ever seen in my entire life!!!! I’m so happy for y’all and miss y’all so much!!! Love you both!! 🙂
May 6 at 12:08pm ·Loved you the day you were born and the day you were married and will always love!! I love Bradley Tew too!!


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