April 11, 2011

New Name + New Home…

The long awaited announcement….

**For best viewing turn HD off and press play and then pause immediately to let video fully load**

In keeping with our new branding we are excited to announce that we are changing the name of our company to Heart Stone Films. We started this process back in early Fall 2010, we settled on infusing our personal story into our business. You can read the full Story Behind the Brand. It was much easier to develop the idea for our logo than coming up with the perfect name to go with it. We love that penguins mate for life and the fact that a penguin returning to the nest sometimes brings its mate a stone as a courtship gesture, to us this is symbolic of them giving their heart to one another, thus a “heart stone”. Just as penguins mate for life we want to create films that capture love for life.

We also have a new studio! We have moved in with our friend, Joe Bunn of Joe Bunn DJ Company on Whitaker Mill Road in Raleigh.