Our Aruba Adventure


This year we are adventuring to some bucket list locations to film some incredible stories. We are going to be documenting our journey and sharing it along the way (more on this later) Here is a quick clip of our most recent trip to Aruba


Essential to our Aruba adventure was our awesome hotel. We stayed at the INCREDIBLE Renaissance Aruba. So why is this hotel incredible? Well, the staff is friendly and helpful, the food options are amazing, the rooms are comfortable but the real gem is that it features a private island! Ok, not only a private island, but a private island in Aruba with 6 flamingos that are there ALL THE TIME! You can feed them, meet them, pet them, and yes even get bit by them!

What else makes Aruba so special? Definitely the climate! Aruba is a gorgeous island in the carribean a few miles off the coast of Venezuela. The climate is dry and it rarely rains, imagine if you will perfect temperature and very little humidity. The temperature stays between 78-82 degrees year round and in our opinion it is a little slice of paradise.

Here are our favorite things about our Aruba adventure!

  1. The people! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. This made for a really enjoyable stay and experience. We even experienced Carnivale on our last night!
  2. The food is delicious. Fresh seafood with some dutch flair!
  3. The water. It is crystal clear and very calm with minimal waves. Great for swimming and just relaxing on a float.
  4. Cabanas. We rented a small, private cabana on our last day at the Renaissance. DO IT. It’s the best!
  5. Wildlife. We got up close and personal with the flamingos, tropical fish, and iguanas.

Aruba, we love you and can’t wait to get back soon for another adventure!


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