January 26, 2012

Outer banks Wedding | Jamie + Brian

♥ I’ve Always Known You…

The Meeting…
He worked as a paramedic on Ocracoke. The EMS station was right behind the Ocracoke health center where she worked as receptionist. During a 4th of July fireworks explosion on Ocracoke, they worked together; Jamie as PIO and Brian as paramedic to victims and even had press conference together but they didn’t know each other well. They felt connected from that event on, started talking and texting and finding out everything about each others past, present, and looked into their future.

It was a regular workday with the added stress of a community Christmas concert that night that she was playing several accompaniment pieces for. Her music wasn’t together, she needed to practice, and her red shirt was not clean. He picked her up at noon for her lunch hour. He said, “I have a surprise for you.” Oh, okay, she thought, as they skipped the turn that would lead to her house, she thought they were going for a ride around the island. Or he has lunch ready at his house. They pull up at the Ocracoke Lighthouse, he said “I talked to your boss, she said you could have some more time at lunch since you have so much to do. I’ve arranged to have the lighthouse opened so we can climb up and check it out.” She thought that was sweet, she always wanted to go up there but never had the chance. They reached the top and look at the beauty of the ocean, as she turned around, he had slipped his hand out of his pocket and went down to his knee, she realized that that was the moment that girls dream of, not the dress or the cake or the flowers. He asked, “Will you be my wife? Will you marry me?” This is the sincerest moment of my life, she said “Yes” is the answer.

“We were able to watch last night FINALLY. It was beautiful and you captured some of our favorite parts of speeches and moments of that day!! Thank you!”…Jamie, Bride

Jamie + Brian, you are two of the most genuine people we’ve met! We had a great time fighting off the mosquitos to capture your day 😉 Your vows and prayers for each other in the ceremony touched our hearts. Thank you for trusting us to capture your story!…Chris + Toni

Ceremony | Providence United Methodist Church
Reception | Tunnell Farmhouse
Planner | Nancy Leach O’Neal, Ocracoke Occasions
Photographer | Moving Art Productions
Cake | Great Cakes!
Band | Spare Change
Florist | Glenda’s Florists
Rentals | Metro Rental
Caterer | Lone Cedar

Facebook Love

January 16 at 4:32pm · You guys always get the most unique weddings 🙂
January 16 at 4:39pm · This is so touching and so beautiful. I felt like I was watching a love story on television. The reality is that this is your love story come true. May God continue to bless you and your families. Thanks you for sharing your special moment.
January 16 at 4:59pm · beautiful! and now Grant wants to know why Mama is crying!!
January 16 at 4:59pm · Such adorable vows! Great video y’all!
January 16 at 5:09pm · You guys are awesome! (and I recognized my friend, Matt, in the video. Funny!)
January 16 at 8:04pm · Absolutely beautiful Jamie…
January 16 at 8:05pm · Like button x 100!!!

January 16 at 9:12pm · It was a beautiful ceremony. I wish I had been there. Your love shines from your eyes when you look at each other. May it always be so. Never go to bed mad at one anoother, make up instead. Jamie you are a jewel and I wish you both the best. Good times and bad, richer and poorer, sicknes and in health……..Bless your marriage.
January 16 at 10:15pm · just watched it – such a wonderful, blessed day!
January 16 at 10:42pm · I am so glad I could watch your beautiful wedding
January 17 at 12:18am · Better than any movie i have seen on TV! Loved reliving it. Our best to the two of you ALWAYS!!!!
January 17 at 8:20am · I  loved seeing your wedding video, Jamie! What a beautiful occasion it must have been! You and Brian both looked radiant and please tell your mother how beautiful she looked – and how happy!
January 17 at 7:38pm · OMG…it made me boo hoo again! was a beautiful wedding yall, thank you for inviting us!
January 17 at 9:48pm · Priceless! :o) Love you both!
January 18 at 11:29am · This is one of the most incredble videos by Heart Stone. Thank you for sharing this!!
January 18 at 7:20pm · WOW