Q&A w/ A Southern Soiree’s Raleigh Wedding Planning Guide

We were recently interviewed by A Southern Soiree on their new bridal resource RaleighWeddingPlanning.com about the importance of videography.

Heart Stone Films Videography Q&A 

Heart Stone Films Wedding Videography
We sat down with Heart Stone Films to talk about why videography isn’t included, trends, and what keeps them motivated. Check out FilmsForLife.com for more of their amazing wedding videography.

Raleigh Wedding Planning: Videography isn’t always included in the initial budget. Why should it be?

Heart Stone Films: Videography is often an after thought for brides when planning their wedding. A lot of that is due to the perception of what “wedding videography” is. Many brides think that it is a boring and cheesy video shot on one camera with no creativity or skill, and ends up looking like a home movie instead of a professional wedding film.

The new trend in videography is wedding films, not boring videos. A wedding film aims to tell a story instead of just documenting the wedding day in a boring and traditional way. A great wedding film captures all of the love and emotion of the wedding day, the couple, and their friends and family. Most importantly, a great wedding film tells a great story, and every couple has a story that needs to be told! The only thing left after your wedding day is your memories. We strongly believe that couples should invest in their memories!

RWP: Many brides think that their friend or family member can do just fine with the video camera. What do you think?

HSF: Would you trust your “friend” or “family member” to make your wedding dress, do your flower arrangements, or any other major part of your wedding day? NO! The reason why? Your wedding is a one time shot and you can’t trust an amateur to capture the memories of the most important day of you and your fiance’s life. People come up to us all the time and say: “I wish I had a professional video” or “You should see how bad my video is! My brother or cousin did it and it’s terrible” The most important day of your life deserves to be captured by a professional and not left up to chance by trusting “friends and family”.

RWP: Why should a couple choose Heart Stone Films?

HSF: We take a different approach to filming a wedding. We believe that the one thing that makes each wedding unique is the bride and groom and their story. Our goal is to work with each couple on a personal level to create a unique wedding film that tells their love story. We create wedding films that are emotional, fun, and most importantly, films that you will want to watch! We also have several years experience in making wedding films and have shot at all of the premier wedding venues in North Carolina.

RWP: What’s your biggest challenge on the wedding day?

HSF: The biggest challenge on the wedding day is that it is fast paced. The wedding day happens fast and there are no retakes, so we have to be sharp and ready to capture all of the key moments of the day.

RWP: How do you keep up with trends in the videography and wedding industries?

HSF: We are very involved in social media/networking with peers in our field and in the wedding industry. This has been a great way for us to stay aware of the trends in filmmaking and in the wedding industry.

RWP: What inspires you?

HSF: We LOVE movies and we always watch movies as inspiration. We are inspired by the creativity, vision, and knowledge that goes into a great movie. We admire and draw inspiration from the directors, producers, screenwriters, and cinematographers that are at the highest level in our profession.

Thanks Chris and Toni! If you have any questions for them, they can be reached atstudio@filmsforlife.com.