March 14, 2017

Return to Rest Retreat

Return To Rest Retreat
This January I had the opportunity to travel to New Hampshire for a small women’s retreat called Return to Rest.  I spent 3 days in a cabin on Lake Merrymetting with 13 other faith-driven, creative women.  My main purpose in attending the Return to Rest retreat was to capture it, but I also had the privilege to participate alongside the other women.
Return to Rest is just what it sounds like, taking a step back from the busyness of work and life to rest.  Not just physically resting (that comes easy when you find yourself in a cozy cabin overlooking a snow-covered lake), but learning what it means to find rest in the Lord.
For me, that meant being reminded of who I am.  Yes I am an artist and a filmmaker among other things- and it brings me a lot of joy to work in this field.  But apart from that, I am a follower of Jesus and I want everything that I am and do to reflect that.  I left feeling so encouraged by women who have similar passions as me and who also want to use their abilities and talents to serve the Lord.  For any women seeking rest and a renewed understanding of their identity in Christ, this is the retreat for them.  I hope that this video gives you an understanding of the vision and heart (the amazing Ruthie Allen) behind this retreat.


Meredith Albee